Identity Fraud

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  • Tofayel

    Due to technological innovation, electronic identity fraud is considered by many to be one of the most recently-developed crimes, credited – in part - to the ongoing advent of computer-based technology. This type of technology relies heavily on the Internet and online activity, and as a result, regulations and oversight of this type of activity has been expressed in the spectrum of preventative measures involving the cessation of electronic identity frauds.

  • jgnat

    So what is your mother's maiden name?

  • Tofayel

    jgnat, my mother name is Anjun Nahar Begum and we are in Bangladesh recognize by father. My father name is Burhan Uddin Mallick.

  • james_woods

    Good lord almighty.

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  • happy@last
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    I'm getting a share of a oil tycoons money who recently passed away, his widow has identified me as trustworthy to move his money to my country. I can only assume I have been identified as being a chosen one online by her. LOL

  • Terry

    I was hacked an defrauded on Paypal recently!

    Scared the crap out of me. Luckily I have an iPhone app and spotted the bogus transaction within seconds of its occurance.

    I phoned Paypal and froze the account but the transaction had been confirmed and sent to my Bank.

    Some hacker going by the name of Cade Gibson logged in to Paypal as me and set up a recurring $330 payment to HIMSELF!

    I had to go through a ridiculous song and dance with Chase bank to get it straightened out. The bank finally (3 days later) stopped payment on the charge.

    So, the bounced payment went back to Paypal.

    Guess what?

    They flipped it over to the BACK UP credit card!!

    Yes, my Credit Card was now charged $330!

    I got on the phone to Paypal again and blistered their ears.

    It took 4 days to have the money reversed on that one.

    I ended up closing my Credit Card account and Paypal account.

    Next, I'll stop doing business with Chase bank.

    These companies have no common sense policies in place to stop these things. I notified everybody within seconds and none of them could stop anything.They not only let it happen but, in the case of Paypal, twice!

    I figured out the only way my password could have been hacked, too.

    I made a Paypal payment to my daughter for $33 a couple of days earlier while sitting in Starbucks. Somebody was able to intercept my keystrokes!!

    Be warned!

  • arwen

    My sister got a call the other night from a guy who asked her if she had a computer. Because we already knew about this scam she said to him.. yes, I have 68 computers. and he said are they all connected together and she said no they are all individually connected. He asked. could you turn one on? and she said.. I dont know how to turn them on. He says. Is there anyone there that knows how to turn one on. She said my husband knows how to turn them on but he died. and I am so lonely would you like to come over.. I am so sad... on and on pretending she was crying.. He said. where do you live? and she said New York City.. and he hung up! We had a great laugh over that.. Scammers.. being scammed by scammers! Love it!

    Sorry about the he said, she said..

  • james_woods

    All interesting information...having said that:

    I do trust that nobody has attempted to click on the red words in the original post?

    This poster has put suspect links here on JWN before - just saying.

  • jgnat

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