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  • skeeter1

    I heard that the people at Bethel couldn't talk about their daily activities. Everything they actually "do" in their job is confidential, not only between outsiders but between departments. What "family" doesn't ask someone, "How was your day?" I mean, I "know" what my kids are doing and facing. Gripes, triumphs, raises, promotions, etc. That's what family is for - a venting place where the other members put you back together so you can go at it another day.

    Remember, your mother and father, especially if they are Jehovah's witnesses, are very much interested in you. There is a natural family bond of love. They would like to hear from you once in a while. Why not write your mother and father once a week. There are many things that you can write them aboutyour experiences in the field service, your congregational meetings, experiences related to the Bethel family by travelling representatives, and personal activities, aside from the details about work that you handle at Bethel. They spent a lot of time with you and cared for you daily before you came to Bethel. They miss you. A letter will help them.

    Details about the individual work assigned to you as a member of the family are confidential. What you are given to do is your business. You are requested not to communicate information from your department to another department. If we wanted you to know the details of the other persons' work we would have assigned that work to you. Married couples serving in different departments should not discuss confidential details of their work when at home. If you have problems, take them up with the elder in charge. The same is true concerning roommates. Confidential Society matters received in the mail should be handled confidentially. Information to be announced generally will be presented by the one in charge of the home or the factory. If you are to know what is going on in other departments, you will be told through the proper overseer.

  • ellderwho

    "Wine and liquors may be used in moderation by the members of the family if any so desire. But when such beverages are brought into the home they should be used in such a way as not to stumble others"


  • cobaltcupcake
    If we wanted you to know the details of the other persons' work we would have assigned that work to you.

    This must be a fairly new rule, probably to combat leaks to the apostates on the Internet *rubs hands together while snickering* My brother was a Bethelite for 18 years, and he shared stuff with us, including info from Morning Worship. But he left Bethel in 1999, before the Internet was EVIL. And Happy Birthday, Green Hornet!
  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    Just so everyone knows, the dwelling book has been updated many times after this version. I was reading over this link and didn't remember much of what it was saying. I looked at the bottom and it appears that this dwelling book was updated in 1974. It's been revised several times since then.

    What struck me as odd, and caused me to question it was the almost "baby talk" sound of the writing. It reads like it was written to a 6 year old. Plus, some of the condescending comments seemed out of place. This one in particular is definitely not in the newer revisions: " You're like a baby here. You're new in our family and we all love you and we want to get acquainted with you. We know that you want to get acquainted and accustomed to us too. We want you to love Bethel as we do. So let's get acquainted right away."

    Does anyone have any of the more recent revisions of this publication? This one will not give a totally accurate picture of what bethel is like now.

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    The Watchtower study is followed by the Theocratic Ministry School. All who are members of the family are enrolled and all should take part in this meeting too. We are sure you realize that everything Jehovah provides through his organization is important and necessary. So come to both meetings; make comments. Feel at home.

    This is no longer true. There is a single monday night WT study. There is no Theo School for bethelites.

  • LongHairGal


    It seems to me that this idea that you are not to talk about your work assignment to ANYBODY is so that nobody can compare stories and to keep a vibe of secrecy and paranoia. No?

    This probably accounts for the same attitude I always picked up on in the congregation! Everybody with their head down was the impression I got. Don't ask any questions, have a stupid smile and have a blank expression on your face.

  • Listener

    Ronwashington, I am an Australian, here we generally have weeks annual leave but after 10/15 years we have 3 months long service leave. Because the leave is fairly standard in the USA it makes those conditions easier to accept. The org does apply the same rules worldwide regardless of the countries accepted standards which must be harder for some Bethalites to come to terms with.

    Skeeter, that was the other rule that I thought was absurd. Particularly for married couples who work in different departments. It is just not normal and keeping things hidden from marriage mates can be very damaging.

  • Most Noble
    Most Noble

    Christ Alone - Please do you mind telling your story?

  • frankiespeakin
  • frankiespeakin

    Sorry for the double post of this.

    Hey any bethelites remember the big homosexual bust up in 1974 or 5 and mass disfellowsipping that caused Nathen Knorr to go balistic and tell all sorts of juicey details about how evil those df were infront of the entire bethel family he even had it recorded I think and view by the night shift works..

    This little gem from the manual shared really creeps me out what a bunch what a bunch of information control freeks they are. They want children assigned to bethel not to tell thier parents any details of the work they do but it's okay to tell them how thing are going but don't tell mom and dad what kind of work they got you doing.

    Sounds like trying to hide any worker abuse or something from the parents creepy. Why all this secrecy for a book publishing corporation that is suppose to champion God's word and speak his truths?

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