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  • DesirousOfChange

    So.....a JW friend brought me a $12.00 Cuban cigar.

    What's the big deal?? As far as I can tell, Yuch!

    What am I missing?


  • pbrow

    OOOOHHHH.... They are probably Dominicans!! Watch out though... those dominicans roll them way too tight!!


  • DuckBharma

    A JW friend bought it you? Are they allowing smoking these days?

    I've always presumed the only reason Cuban cigars are "popular" in the USA is that they are an illegal item thanks to the USA's pointless trade embargo against Cuba.

    The only thing cigar's have going for them is that they are slightly less vile than cigarettes.

  • cobaltcupcake

    @pbrow - LOL!!! Love the Seinfeld reference!

  • DesirousOfChange

    A JW friend bought it you? Are they allowing smoking these days?

    No way! Still DF offense.

    He's another independent thinker who was out of the country and had opportunity to buy some Cuban cigars. Bucket list thing, I guess. Personally, I see nothing "special" about them. Never a smoker though. I felt like I had licked an ashtray.

    Gotta agree with you, DuckB, the illegality of it is what makes them attractive. Remember Prohibition? How about "illicit" sex? Tell some people they CAN"T do it/have it and they'll be damned & determined to try it.


  • EntirelyPossible

    there are several non-cuban cigars that are just as good as cubans. Just being cuban doesn't make a cigar good or bad, often they are mistreated on their way into the U.S. due the people trying to hide them and they end up dry, not tasting very good, or they simply find any cuban, not a good one, and bring it in.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    I am not a cigar expert by any means but I find that cuban cigars are way over-rated... Dominican Monte Cristos or Romeo y Julietta's are better IMHO... that's not to say that cuban cigars aren't good... I just think you can get better cigars for the money... by the way, for an occasional "premium cigar", may I suggest the Nicaraguan Padron...

    Anyways, I think that some people just tend to over-rate things that are illegal to obtain and then word-of-mouth about these illegal items tends to amplify the actual quality of such items... just saying...

  • Glander

    When my work took me to Canada I could and did buy fresh Cuban cigars. They were good and I would bring some back for friends, But I am not a cigar 'gourmet'. I am just as happy with a middle priced California brandy (Paul Masson) and a nice non-cuban cigar when the mood takes me.

  • prologos

    dont forget that they were popular in the white house too.

  • Glander

    Yes, I believe Bill Clinton made a refinement of the standard humidore?

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