Choose one: confident Belief based on Faith.....or.........?

by Terry 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Terry

    This faith and belief thing seems all random and idiosyncratic to me, based on the outcomes one can observe of ideologically driven politics, religion etc.

    I think the personality has much to do with which appeals to a person.

    At one extreme people who are disposed to skepticism may just accept most everything as it's presented to them without question or pause.

    At the other extreme there are those who believe nothing they hear and half of what they see.

    Somewhere in the middle, most of us depend on our personal experience and bullshit detector.

    The problem with that is--our own experience can be warped by unsupportable presuppositions.

    As far as a bullshit detector goes--that may just come down to what prejudices we carry around with us.

    It takes a genuine ambition for credible facts to create an intellectually honest person.

    Anything short of a scathingly rational mind just won't cut the mustard.

    Stuff creeps in to our mind. We are around so much nonsense 24/7 it would be impossible to NOT be affected by it.

    We soak it all up.

    It goes in and comes out.

    Presto: an OPINION.

  • wtfever

    evidence! without it i wont believe anything

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