Catching up with DF couple in supermarket frustrating.

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  • jemba

    Hubby and I (faders) were in the supermarket today.

    We had just avoided and completely ignored an elder and his wife when we saw a newly married couple who were both recently disfellowshipped, of course being the rebels we are we made a bee line for them.

    The DF man was until recently a workmate of my Hubby so they quickly got into an animated discussion and I met the new wife who seemed nice but let me know they were getting reinstated ASAP. I was really dying to know if their DF had 'stumbled' them but unfortunately not.

    I let them know that it was my DF years ago that set me on the path to realising that it wasnt the true religion.

    The guys first wife had divorced him years ago but not 'scripturally' so if either of them wanted to marry again they would have to 'commit adultery' so it was up to him to free himself so he could marry this new lady.

    I cant believe that after all the cult has put them through they still feel like its Gods chosen religion. Its so frustrating that they just cant see it.

    But at least I got to put on a show for the ex-bethel couple who I imagine were in shock.

    The DF couple invited us to drop around anytime but I really dont see the point because they just want to be JWs again and could never respect us for our stand.

  • Honeybucket

    Maybe they are just feeding you what they think YOU want to hear. We never really know who our real ALLIES are.

  • Balaamsass


    We have had EX JWs duck from us at the store not realizing we too were EXs now.

  • Honeybucket

    I had a friend who got DF'd for pretty much the same deal. The elders had forbidden her to be with someone, so they ran off and got hitched.

    Well, according to her family she has rigoriously been attending meetings and working on "coming back". it kills me when they kick you out, then tell

    people you left. So this has been about 1.5 years ago this happened. I am convinced she is telling her family she is walking the walking so they will stay off her back. She lives out of state, so they only get to talk to her. This is an ideal situation for her and him, they travel for work, they would be hard to follow.

    She had told her mummy that she has applied for reinstatement 2 times, and if it doesnt happen the third time she wont "come back". I am very sckeptical that she had any intentions on being a witness. I remember her once telling me how she hasnt been sleeping because she was "up all night doing research".I would like to know what is so interesting in the watchtower society's literature someone wouldnt spend 8+ hours researching? I think she finally figured it out and did what we all did, verify references, check sources and educating ourselves on TTATT.

    I totally commend those who will straight out lie to others in order to preserve themselves. All Im saying is that we arent the only ones who "save face".

  • jemba

    Thanks guys, never thought about it that way, maybe they are seriously doubting but have to tell me that they are full on believers still because of other family or friends they are trying to return for. It was interesting how they were openly inviting us to drop in anytime. Maybe they are lonely? As I said though its not a friendship that could ever work as we are heading in diff directions, the wife actually mentioned that if I drop in and see her she can 'bring me back into the truth', *vomit*.

  • notjustyet

    I think that when you said " I let them know that it was my DF years ago that set me on the path to realising that it wasnt the true religion." and they still invited you over to their house after that it shows that they are open minded enough to want to know more about TTATT.

    This could be your chance to plant some seeds that may get them into doing some research, if not already.


  • jookbeard

    many love the challenge and the martyrdom of full meeting attendance and trying to tick the right boxes for Reinstatement, crazy as it may be some go through this process 3/4 times, what a waste of life, sadly they honestly believe in this loving arrangement of punishment.

  • moshe

    You can't save them from themselves and if they like the WT religion and the pointless busy work at the KH, then there is nothing more to be done for them.

  • wasblind


    We have had EX JWs duck from us at the store not realizing we too were EXs now.----------Balaamsass


  • 00DAD

    Honeybucket: ... it kills me when they kick you out, then tell people you left.

    Agreed. It's really a dishonest psychological mind-game.

    Of course in their mind, you "leave" by breaking one of their myriad rules and are deemed "unrepentant" by a janitor, a pool-man and a window-washer.

    Over the years, I've been asked a few times if I'm "coming back." My response, "How can I 'return' to something I never left?"


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