Conversation with my Elder Father

by happytobefree 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • happytobefree

    zeb... and I recall a funeral i went to where just moments after the service one of the sis asked asked an elder about 'field service arrangements for this weekend

    ...that has always amazed me!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Those are the type than can shun their children without a blink.

  • FrenchFreeJW

    " He said, I know you don't want to hear this...but because we are in the last days things like this is going to happen and even get worse"

    Even more that all angels are too busy in leading the field service to take care of this sort of thing

  • problemaddict

    I asked my wife if she thought she would hear the families of the victems being prayed for on Sunday.

    I asked her if she thought that if they were mentioned if it would only be in a way such as "help them to find hope" or "help them find you".

    I could tell she already knew the answer and could feel her thinking about it.

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