the only logical l reason why the end did'nt come

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  • jgnat

    Isn't it just as possible that we are in the middle of the thousand year reign? Infant mortality has plummeted. We have increasing longevity, and medicines that are modern miracles. Heck, we can replace hearts, hips and kidneys. We have a communication network that spans the globe. Slavery is abolished. Wars will cease. We now care for the earth as our forever home. We are entering the golden age for humanity.

  • jookbeard

    with LWT, they have and continue to promote a complete and utter pack of failed and false doctrine and lies for over a century.

  • cofty

    nowwhat? - when you discover you may be off-course its natural to hope you are only a little bit lost.

    It takes a lot of courage to get your head up and accept the reality of your situation.

    Lots of people have died pressing on in the delusion that the road home is "just around the corner".

  • sir82

    I think you need a better definition of "only" and "logical".

  • Finkelstein

    the only logical l reason why the end didn't come

    Is that the WTS. was spawn on ignorance and self human expression endeavored upon

    proliferating its own published literature. The editorial leaders starting from C T Russell were

    faithfully committed to that inherent effort, as todays GB members are.

    Simple, factual and truthful.

    The return of Christ and The End Times became marketable commodities that the WTS. used to the fullest degree.

  • nowwhat?

    i don't want to change the direction of the thread we'll talk about "bible truths" another time. here's my story:

    Why i brought up this subject: I was raised as a jw, now over 50 we can't make a decent living [ even though both me and my wife work fulltime] raising 3 school age kids. no pension, no retirement because i drank the kool aid in the 1980's that armegeddon was staring us in the face, so no going back to school for a better career at the time. so half of me wants to walk away, but also i have to think about my kids future, one way or the other. i want to raise my kids to be moral with bible pricnciples but also we are preparing them for secondary education so they can make a decent living. [i let my oldest son play h.s. football and that was the best decision i ever made] . So any non hardcore apostates caught in the middle like me out there?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    There are lots of bible truths we learned. For example:

    Moses wrote several versions of the 10 commandments. Each time, he told everyone to throw away the old copies. Then he wrote how some would continue to hold on to old teachings, similar to apostates.

    Jesus often corrected himself. Daily, he would instruct the apostles to forget yesterdays truth for todays truth. Any mention of the old truth was apostate thinking.

    There are many versions of the gospels. The original versions warn of Jews taking business away, and blacks truning into white people. Organ transplants are canabalism, as were innoculations. If anyone attemps to locate these older versions of the gospel, Jesus sues them and closes down their websites for quoting him without authorization.


    "the WTS is great at sounding knowledgeable about something and later making totally contradictory statements that sound just as knowledgeable." (Ding)

    Sounds just like my Elders meeting to " re-adjust " my thinking!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "bible truths"

    I think it's time for Watchtower to trademark their own word, something like "troothz". Legal Department would sleep a little easier. Someday they could be sued for saying something not true, but how could someone sue them for printing things that are or aren't troo?

  • Fed-up
    Fed-up're awesome. and thats the trooth!

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