Knife attack at Chinese school wounds 22 children

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  • Simon

    Sorry, when I read it in light of the recent news I assumed it was one of the typical NRA attempts to equate guns to less dangerous weapons. My apologies !

  • trillaz

    Puff, I was not commenting on your posting this, and am actually glad it made it as its own headline.

    I've heard those on the side of no gun control say that assailants would just choose knives and do their murdering.

    But Today, we have the eerily similar and certainly aweful situation happening with knives in one land and guns in another.

    It negates the pro-gun/anti legislation argument.

  • puffthedragon

    trillaz, we just arent gonna convince each other of our views. I agree whole-heartedly that it is too easy for criminals to get guns. But I am 110% sure that, at this point in time, considering the hundreds of millions of guns in existence already, that even if tonight (lets just pretend) the US banned all production and sale of non-law enforcement guns, that guns would be just as easy to get. What can be done to stop this sort of thing? I wish I knew.

    If you believe the bible, the third human on earth killed the fourth human on earth. And people have been killing each other ever since. If I wanted to kill someone, or myself, I wouldn't HAVE to have a gun to do it. Does it make it easier? Absolutely, no intelligent person would argue that.

    But the fact is that there are evil, sick people out there. Just today I stopped in a crosswalk and 10 toddlers crossed in front of me at the same time, being taken on a walk by 4 daycare providers. Whats to stop a sick bastard from noting when the kids go for walks and running them over with their cars? Its disgusting that someone gets to the point that they want to harm innocents like this. If we only go after gun control and do not look at the mental health issues, this sort of thing is gonna keep happening.

    Trust me, every gun owner on this forum is just as sick over todays tragedy as everyone else here. If not, they are not human.

  • fulltimestudent

    Stop arguing guys and start thinking ...

    The American gun lobby, (which I am not supporting) is right, in that its not guns that do the killing, but people! However, they are wrong, to the extent that it is the gun that facilitates multiple deaths.

    And, you do not need either guns or knives to kill, you only need faulty reasoning, as illustrated by this horrible single crime: Roderick Arlington, age 7, was beaten to death by his stepfather, for not reading the Bible (and bloody old Yahweh and his son did nothing to stop this murder, as usual).

    So in an age when everyone thinks they have a right to untested opinions, how will this evil be ended?!

  • trillaz

    fulltimestudent if we take away the magnitude, since even one death is too much, then one can't argue there exists a solution in my opinion. In my opinion, and to slant toward our associated or unassociated organization, they will in all likelyhood hit the streets and see this as an opportunity to play on peoples fears and grief.

  • fulltimestudent

    1. A reason has been given for the frenzied knife attack on the school children in China. According to China's Global Times (English web edition), the perpetrator was "driven" by predictions of the 'end of the world.'

    2. In the west, its claimed that people have a "right" to spread untrue rumours. But that's something to consider carefully. I sometimes wonder what the affect of the constant door-calling by the JWs is on the community, as they are informed over and over, that this is the worst of times (its not) in fulfillment of the "great day of Yahweh" prophecies. It may be mentally unsettling for many who have mental health problems.

    The Chinese, who have had many centuries of experience dealing with 'millenium' groups who make proclamations of doom, have limited patience with them. In the 19th C, such a group, the Christian "Taiping" (heavenly peace) church, came near to defeating the Manchu Qing dynasty, who were only saved by the military skill of the British General Charles Gordon (himself a devout christian). That war resulted in the death of sopme 40 million people. So its interesting to note a 'crackdown' on religious nutters in China this week, as the police detained some 100 people "for spreading rumours." According to the UK Independent newspaper, many of those arrested are said to belong to a fringe Christian group, named "Almighty God," reputedly led by a woman claiming to be the returned Jesus. survival-bunkers-8423618.html

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    To me, there's not much to discuss comparing the 26 dead by the gun to the 22 wounded by knife. A good book to read is, The Black Hand by a former high ranking Mexican Mafia prison gang member. At one point in the book he talks about prison stabbings and he relates that its not like the movies where you run up on someone and poke them a couple times and they die. He states that they fight back, grunt, and it takes physical effort to penetrate their flesh. Most of the time, the victim survives. I imagine it would be the opposite if inmates had guns instead of shanks.

  • fulltimestudent

    The Australian Ninemsn web-site has posted this brief video of the attack on the Chinese school children:

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