First Ex-JW Experience with XMas Spirit

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  • simon17

    So obviously as a recently parting JW, I've never had the hastle, the annoyance or the joy of experiencing Christmas. This year in our office was the first time that we did a Secret Santa, so I would joke with a few of the people looking for advice because I had never really celebrated Christmas. It was kind of a fun running joke for the past month or two, as they laughed and pitied over my past with me, which they pried about and I explained. Good times.

    Anyway, this year I got to do my first Secret Santa. Wrapped up my first X-mas gift and all. Very fun. They manuevered for me to go last and I got a little cheap gift, which was cool and thoughtful. The card though sent me off to a odd portion of the office, scavanger hunt style and I knew something was up. The scavenger hunt took me from office to office and eventually back to where I had started.

    On the table upon my return I saw a barrage of gifts. What is this? They had come up with the craziest idea to fill me in on a lifetime of celebrating Christmas. On the table, each present was marked with a year, one for each one of my life. They split up every year I was alive, and found a relevant present for what I'd likely have been getting from that year, whether it was baby food at age 1 or Rubix cubes at age 8 or ninetendo games at age 12 and on and on all the way to where I am now. It was all coordinated and researched, like a Back to the Future poster from 1986 and a Nirvana CD from 1990 and so on.

    For someone who was loved but not singled out in that way, I was absolutely overwhelmed. I felt bad because it was almost like I had no emotions... I was too in shock from it all. It was a wonderful time, of course. I never cried then, but I am now.

    Merry Christmas to all. People are wonderful. That is all.

  • Chaserious

    Wow, what an awesome experience! Merry Christmas!

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    What a wonderful story! I guess those sex-crazed, demon controlled, evil worldly people aren't so bad after all, huh.

    My heartfelt congratulations on escaping the JWs. May you enjoy many more Christmases with your true friends and love ones.

  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    Simon 17, thank you for sharing that heart-warming experience. That was so thoughtful that they were making up for all the X-mases you missed. I would love to have seen the look on your face. Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and many more. Leslie

  • simon17

    I would love to have seen the look on your face.

    Lol, me too although it was definitely nowhere near as expressive as how I felt...!

  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    And the best part is that they did this because they wanted to, not because they had to. Gifts truly from the heart.

  • foundlife

    This is so beautiful, i cannot stop crying!

  • BabaYaga




    Simon17, that story made my day. Thanks.

    And Merry Christmas!


  • happytobefree

    That is so AWESOME!!! That's the Christmas Spirit at work!!!

    I hope you continue to have a wonderful First Christmas!!!

  • simon17

    That's the Christmas Spirit at work!!!

    I hope you continue to have a wonderful First Christmas!!!

    Yup! It was one of those things that you think you only see in movies. Have a wonderful holiday season yourself!

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