Does Anyone View You As A "Prodigal Son" With The Hope You Will Come Back To Jehovah?

by minimus 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Don't go to a Memorial or special talk if you want the JWs away from you!

  • PrincessPeachz

    Last I heard my dad was still desperately using the prodigal (son) daughter thing regarding me, however since they had the article recently ish about not contacting apostate relatives etc even more heavily, and they learnt of my tattoos they haven't tried to contact me with the prodigal stuff. Phew!

    Essentially they were saying that they didn't believe I was serious in leaving, that I was just doing it because I was young and immature and wanted to 'taste the world', and that they fully expected me to see the error of my ways and come crawling back pregnant/addicted to drugs/beaten by bf. None of which has happened, and it's not even close to why I left (been an athiest essentially since I was about 6, I remember thinking that the whole God thing wasn't right even then, have never believed in it).

  • Skbj

    Yes. My parents now mention it much less last time was a year and half ago, but my grandmother mentions it whenever she can "Don't you miss being in the organization?" "Don't you miss the brothers and sisters?" " I will never loose hope you that come back" yadda yadda.

    I just roll my eyes and pretend she spoke about the weather.

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