It`s hard to comprehend most of my peers still beleive this religion is the truth

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  • smiddy

    I have from time to time attempted to contact former" freinds" in the truth ,sometimes the initial contact was excellent ,great to hear from you / good to catch up etc. and even some who couldn`t even remember me . Some of these people I would have thought had a greater IQ than what I gave them credit for ,otherwise why would you stick to this religion .OK I appreciate some may want to hold on to family so keep their mouth shut , but I have opened up to them and they cut me off. So my take on it is it`s their loss not mine .


  • transhuman68

    It doesn't necessarily mean that they still believe the doctrine, though. Maybe they just don't like to hear you bad-mouthing their social club...

  • punkofnice

    smiddy -

    So my take on it is it`s their loss not mine .

    Absolutely. Spot on.

    When I first left the filthy disgusting JW cult an aposta-friend told me that those people that remain my friend unconditionally are true friends. Those that do not can F.O.A.D. and are not worth the effort.

    Well done for trying.

  • leavingwt

    Read one of Hassan's books. It will explain the dynamic.

  • Chaserious

    We were all in the religion at one time... did we all have a tiny IQ? I second what leaving said.

  • cantleave

    We were all in the religion at one time... did we all have a tiny IQ?

    We were all gulliable and pretty stupid for believing the lie.

  • punkofnice

    I was born in. That's my excuse...although I was always a bit suspicious...trusted my parents.

  • smiddy

    Those of you who were born in are let off the hook so to speak , the majority of beleivers , xians ,jews ,muslims or ,whatever ,understandably follow the religion of their parents , until they start using their critical thinking skills .People like me have no such excuse ,though I do beleive we were caught at a vulnerable state in our life for whatever reason , and grasped at the hope that was presented to us .We willingly followed the carrot that was dangled in front of us .Some woke up early in the piece others like me took many years for the penny to drop .

    The one comforting thing about this is the newbies that come to this site and others ,almost on a daily basis ,so their is light at the end of the tunnel for our former freinds.


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