Having It Both Ways

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  • Perry

    I posted this 10 years ago. Here is an updated version fresh for the 2012 Holidays :

    1. Jehovahs Witnesses claim to have no clergy and hence are supposed to be totally unlike Christendoms' rulers who get special reverence and lord it over their brothers. When asked why they didn't report molestion incidents to the police, they claim it is because it's a violation of the clergy/laity relationship.

    2. When a Jehovahs Witness is "unrepentant" he is disfellowshipped., branded unfit for association. When the organization is unrepentant of its sins and people find it unfit for association and contentiously leave, it is because they are full of pride and refuse to wait on Jehovah.

    3. When a Christian celebrates Mothers Day they are following ancient pagan practices and giving undue attention to someone. When JW women wear a wedding ring which clearly has pagan origins and draws attention to her status, it is evidence of the divinely inspired institution of marriage.

    4. When a Jehovahs Witness defrauds another Witness, a law suit is inappropriate and it may be brought before the elders for possible social sanction if guilty. When a Christian of another faith defrauds a Witness he is often times encouraged to sue the pants off him and squeeze him for every dime.

    5. When some churches support the UN it is evidence that the harlot is fornicating with the Wild Beast. When the organization officially agreed in writing to support UN objectives it was because they needed "access to their library".

    6. When a differrent faith-believing relative shuns their Jehovah's Witness family member, it is considered a fulfillment of Christs prophecy about being "hated" by the world when someone starts to believe in Christ. When a Jehovahs Witness shuns his different believing relatives, whether they believe in Christ or not, it is seen as an action necessary to keep oneself without spot from the world.

    7. When the Papacy sold indulgences to people in exchange for salvation and less (or no) time in purgatory, the WT cites this as evidence of spiritual darkness. But when the WT states that only "those in good standing with the organization" will survive armageddon, they are keeping watch over our souls.

    8. When the apostle Peter was rebuked by Paul for showing favoritism to Jewish Christians and needed correction, he was thinking fleshly and not in harmony with God. When the WT has been exposed for serious error, they are simply making occasional mistakes like the apostles did.

    9. When false doctrine is exposed in "Christendom" it is hailed as a duty of bible believers. When false doctrine is exposed in the WT, it is the work of the "Evil Slave" class.

    10. When other religions reversed their position on matters, it is evidence they were not teaching sound doctrine. When the WT reversed their position on matters, it is because "the light is getting brighter" or is evidence of their humility in admitting they were busted wrong.

    11. The WT states that Christ died for all men. But out of the other corner of their mouth, they teach that the blood value inherent in the New Covenant only applies to the 144,000.

    12. When WT biblical error is pointed out, it is apostasy. When the WT points out doctrinal error in other religions, it is the work of God.

    13. When a new convert leaves his opposing family to become a JW, it is a great sacrifice for Jehovah. When an old convert leaves the WT to become a Christian, it is a dog returning to his vomit and he is rightly shunned.

    14. When other people have made false predictions in God's name, they are false prophets. When the WT has made false predictions carrying Jehovah's name, they were not prophesying; they were simply over-zealous for God.

    Every event in a Jehovahs Witness life is seen as evidence that they have the truth, no matter how false it is.

  • punkofnice

    The WBT$ will use 'spin' to make themselves look 'clean'.

    It's all about money and power.

    As for point 1. If the WBT$ has no 'clergy' then what are COs?

    15. When the WBT$ gambles in stocks and shares it's hidden and allowed...even a blessing from Jehovah(TM). When a JW gambles it's because they are 'worldly'(TM) and should be DF'd.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Amen brother...bookmarked!

  • Emma

    First you have to be brainwashed. You have to believe/accept the "Society" speaks for "god." After that, nothing matters, there is no reasoning. That's why getting out is so difficult. If we could somehow make every "witness" read this, there would be very few that actually saw the reasoning.

    Aren't you glad you're out!

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Very well written. The huge problem is JW's do not have any critical thinking and they are proud of it.


  • Perry

    Here's another:

    16. All of the NT scriptures about the need for being righteous, perfect, displaying the fruit of the Spirit, etc. apply to ALL JW's. However, the scriptures that guarantee salvation, free gift of righteousness, Jesus being our Mediator, being born again ....only apply the the 144,000.

    Q. How to display the fruit of God's spirit if only the 144,000 are born again by the spirit of God?


  • Ding

    17. When world events involve wars, turmoil, and violence, it's proof Armageddon is near. When world events are relatively calm, people say, "True peace and security," which is proof that Armageddon is near.

  • 00DAD

    It was true 10 years ago and it's all still true now. Funny how truth, real truth, doesn't ever change!

    Season's Greetings!


  • Splash

    I think this was from CoC:

    WT Terms used For Incorrect Watchtower Doctrine
    “errors” “mistakes”
    “misplaced zeal” “unrealized hopes”
    “previous failures” “misinterpretations”
    “misunderstandings” “our understanding”
    “misplaced optimism” “wrong expectations”
    “hopes and expectations” “premature expectations”
    “misplaced expectations” “disappointed expectations”
    “errors in their teachings” “incomplete concepts”
    “inaccurate concepts” “serious disappointments”
    “formerly cherished views” “mistakes in their understanding”
    “views in need of refinement” “an expressed opinion”
    “cherished errors” “wrong beliefs”
    “old truths” “past truths”
    “expectations needing some adjustment” "premature in their expectations"


    “matters on which corrections of viewpoint have been needed”

    WT Terms Used For Incorrect Doctrine of Other Religions
    "demonic ideas"

    "demonic teachings"

    "divisive teachings"

    “false stories”
    “false teachers”
    “false teachings”
    “false doctrines”
    “false prophets”
    “false prophecies”
    “false religious views”
    “false religious teachings”
    “false religious philosophies”
    “doctrines with pagan religious roots”
    “God dishonouring doctrines of Babylon the Great”
    “the disfiguring of God”
    “nauseating teachings”
    “God dishonouring”
    “pagan doctrines”
    “godless myths”

    "unscriptural teachings"

    " whorish system of Babylonish religion "

  • Ding

    When a non-JW questions errors his religion teaches and rejects them, he is "making sure of all things."

    When a JW questions errors his religion teaches and rejects them, he is "an apostate."

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