TV Ministry a No Go for Watchtower Society....ever wonder why?

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  • cognisonance

    Nice post! JWTV!! I can imagine the first episode " Worldly People. They do not love each other like we do. " Or " Only Jehovah's Witnesses have any scriptural hope of surviving God's coming day of judgment ." They could also air the bats**t crazy talk from the recent CA about DF'd ones!!

    What I find strange is that since the death of CTR there has not been ONE SINGLE FILM ABOUT JESUS... NOT EVEN ONE DRAMA ABOUT JESUS....


  • Jim_TX

    I remember growing up there was a fella on the radio Armstrong was his name. Occassionally, late at night I would be tuning across the band on AM radio and come across his rantings. His preaching sounded quite a lot like the JWs at that time. My mom would even listen to it, and then find one part where this fella diverted from JW teachings and hiss and walk away telling me to not listen to him.

    I also remember that he asked for donations, and promised to send out stuff in the mail.

    I always wondered why the JWs didn't do this too. I was told that the JWs had a radio station in New York (Staton Island) WBBR, and sold it. I thought 'Why?' It always seemed to me that they could reach far more people than we were knocking on doors.

    But alas. I was just a kid. What did I know about such things that adults many times smarter than I had already thought through.

    Radio was - and is - different from television. Some people do well on radio, but you put them on the tv, and they fail. Radio talk show hosts are one example that comes to mind.

    Could the JWs own a radio station these days? No. Why? Several reasons. First and primary, radio is local. Regional. Here in south Texas, there is no way that I could pick up a radio station on Staton Island, NY. Even if it were a 50kW clear channel radio station like the local WOAI 1200 AM is. In order to cover the country, they would need to own several stations across the US.

    Second, radio stations need to be licensed and monitored by the FCC. That involves the 'government' that the JWs are so against.

    Third, it also requires that they provide public service announcements - per the FCC. This would mean that they give a little control to the public. Not gonna happen.

    It is possible that they could put together an hour of preaching and take that to the local radio stations and get it on the air. I remember working in radio, the station I worked at had a preached come in during the week and record his sermon, and then it would get air-time on Sunday morning. Of course, I think that he paid for that air-time. We also received 33RPMs of sermons from preachers out of state - trying to get air-time. Those usually got tossed.

    I suppose, in this day and age, they could put together an Internet 'radio' station that is not government regulated, and can be heard globally.

    As for television - even on the internet, they need to avoid that venue. Totally.

    I think someone else hit the proverbial nail on the head... with the beliefs changing as frequently as they now seem to be doing, the JWs would be doing themselves a great injustice recording anything that could then be replayed at a later date that might could be pointed out to them... 'Hey! You changed what you said 6 months ago!"


    Personally, I feel that they should offer rocks for sale through their web site. People could then buy them and toss them in their yards. Or their neighbors' yard.

    After all... it's their own idea that their great and mighty Jeehover could make the rocks cry out with his message, if he wanted to. (At least that's what my ex-wife told me when I pointed out that there were not that many witnesses in China.)

    Great topic Terry!


    Jim TX

  • Vanderhoven7

    Thanks for this Terry

  • moshe

    Terry, but the JWs have the Faithful and Discreet Slave who have come out of 100 years of WT slumber and identified themselves-- the Governing Body!

    The GB could be on the airwaves every week, feeding the world their meat in die season. But wait, that wouldn't be discreet, so they need to have someone else do that for them. - the local JWs can do it!

  • Terry

    A Jehovah's Witness Podcast officially approved by the WT is at least feasible.

    The interest in actually publicizing what they teach is obviously NOT what the GB really wants.

    They could not admit to this, certainly.

    They are about slo-mo conversion, assimilation and indoctrination for door-to-door peddling.

    The so-called "Life saving information" is the least of this effort.

  • punkofnice

    Blimey. Can you imagine watchtower TV?

    The blandest most boring snorefest ever.

    Mind you, when you consider what non JDubs would think of the BS public talks with all their loaded language..................strewth!

    This is more interesting........

  • cobaltcupcake

    To have a TV show you have to have advertisers. What company would want to link their name with a whacked out cult?

  • Jim_TX

    Perhaps they could put together an hour (well, 45 minutes with advertising) radio show like they used to do with the 'CBS Radio Mystery Theater' that used to be on the air (is it still on the air?).

    They could re-enact their 'dramas' for the radio audience - complete with sound effects. Or not.

    In a way... they have had radio stations 'on the air' so to speak - albeit 'free' when they broadcast their assemblies into the parking lots. I remember it was always cool to be able to pick it up on the FM radio... but it got boring real quick, too. Those broadcasts were using low-power (something like 10 watts?) so as to not disrupt the real radio stations on the air, and they had to send notification to the FCC prior to their broadcast dates so that the FCC would know who to come talk to if they did interfere.

    I think the biggest reason that they do not have anything like this today... (drum roll)

    They don't have anyone in the organization that is educated enough to pull it off today. They would have to hire someone (non-jw) to do it.

  • Finkelstein

    There have been attempts by JWS that I personally knew that tried making 1 hour talks on public television but

    it was short lived. The JW religion is more about locating people in the public who are known to be inquisitive about their faith or who are

    going through some kind of emotionally turmoil in their lives, this is their target market more or less.

    Because the WTS. doctrines are structured on such weak foundation scriptural speaking and this is assumed by the leaders of this religious faith,

    they tend to shy away from overexposing themselves in such as widely consuming media as television broadcasts.

    Having the general public openly put a magnifying glass over themselves is not in the organization's best interest and they know that.

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