$28 Million Awarded to Jehovah’s Witness Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

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  • besty
    Old news but now noticed by other attourneys.

    @iamwhoiam having an explanation of why you think we should open the link...saves everybody time

  • 144001

    A childhood friend of mine recently died in a motorcycle accident involving only him. The newspaper articles regarding the accident were posted by at least 10 law firms on their web sites, even though none of the firms represented my friend's surviving family members.

    This is a form of advertising; the reader is encouraged to assume that the firm is somehow involved in the news that is being reported, or, alternatively, to at least inquire about the report with the firm, giving them an opportunity to state how the case/incident is relevant to the firm.

    Hopefully, in this situation, it's a sign that many lawyers are aware of the money to be made in cases involving sexual abuse of JW children, which is likely to mean that many more cases will eventually be filed against the WTBTS.

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