Watchtower Sells Yet Another Heights Property

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  • Balaamsass

    We need to keep all these stories for sale values to get a tiny idea of Watchtower assets and to follow the money.

  • rix


    as Balaamsass stated, these properties were used for 'special' guests and families. Many of the properties were purchased, not by the WBTS, but by a group of brothers that were involved with 'Mighty Auto Parts', and purchased under a corp or group named; CoHi. It represented Columbia Heights.

    If anyone recalls how 'Mighty Auto Parts" grew by franchising to many brothers and the originators became super wealthy and than sold out. However my quesions is; 'how come the courts are allowing these sales'? Recall the case of Candace Conti ?

    "By order of the Superior Court of the State of California of Alameda, until the Watch Tower's appeal, which won't begin until August and will take up to two years to settle due to due process of law, has forbidden the Watch Tower to sell any more of it's Billions in assets." See article posted on: and view under Financial post.

  • Chaserious

    rix - they probably ended up purchasing the travelers bond, which was the alternative to a freeze on their assets or as they wanted to, putting up patterson as collateral.

  • rix

    Thanks Chaserious.

    So, cleverness is knowing they would not sell Patterson and deceive the court system.

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