your definition of "world" and "christendom"

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  • Honeybucket

    What does the bible actual refer to when it states "world". I really HATE the society's use of "Worldly" and use of "christendom". In fact I hate all things that put others in a bad light and demonize them. So.. What is the bible actually refering to when it speaks of the world?

    I also want to show someone that there everyone in the "world" are horrible sinners.. in fact most people I know are the opposite of wtbs's worldy person view.

    "I dislike Ignorant People"`~myself

  • Bobcat

    The Greek word kosmos Strong's #2889), usually translated "world," basically means, "order, regular disposition and arrangement." It can mean "adorned" (1 Pet 3:3), the earth as the home of humans, and in a pejorative sense, human society outside of God's Kingdom. Sometimes the context indicates a narrower meaning.

    That last meaning is the basis of using the description "worldly," usually meant in a derogative sense by JWs (and probably others too). To be honest, I think the Society has said something about not using the term in reference to individuals. Off hand I can't find that counsel.

    Titus 2:12 uses it with regard to "desires." And it can be found numerous times in the Publications Index.

    I find the use of it against individuals as demeaning, but at the same time I know I've been guilty of using it in the past. I think as I've woken up some I've become more cognizant and sensitive about demeaning terms. I think Titus 3:1-3 would argue against using terms like that to belittle others. No doubt there are other similar verses.

    "Christendom," to the Society means appostate Christianity. To the rest of the world it means areas where the Christian religion holds sway. The world would probably lump the WT along with "Christendom." "Christendom" would lump JWs outside of Christianity. And JWs would say only they are truly Christian. Its curious, isn't it?

    Whenever the Society quotes from a non-WT reference work, if it supports a WT idea, then, the reference work is from a "Bible scholar." If it opposes a WT idea it is from "Christendom's clergy." Such are the techniques of propaganda.

    Hope this helps

    Take Care

  • cantleave

    World = Normal People

    Christendom = Normal Christianity

    WTBS = Dangerous cult!

  • BluesBrother

    What Bobcat said.....the grk "kosmos" translates as "world". According to Vines: (abbreviated)


    "primarily "order, arrangement, ornament, adornment" (a) the "earth," (b) the "earth" in contrast with Heaven, (c) by metonymy, the "human race, mankind," (d) "Gentiles" as distinguished from Jews, (e) the "present condition of human affairs," in alienation from and opposition to God, (f) the "sum of temporal possessions," (g) metaphorically, of the "tongue" as "a world (of iniquity), "

    The WTS most often uses the word negatively, to write-off those who disagree with their teachings. Like you, I am dismayed by their casual committal of a world of people to a horrible early death. Once upon a time I was taken in, I believed that "worldly" women were sexual predators who would hop into bed with any man they fancied, and "worldly" men were bullies and cheats.

    I came to know better, and it was instrumental in my exit from The WTS - it was obvious to me that God would never act in the way that the WT describes. I guess it suits their purpose to keep the r and f in check and afraid of the big bad "World" out there....

  • glenster
  • sir82

    "Christendom" is a virtually obsolete 19th century word which refers to the traditionally Christian-influenced governments of western Europe.

    Virtually no one other than historians has used the word much for the past 100 years.

    Oh, except for the WTS.

  • Phizzy

    To talk of the "world" as opposed to "us" is so so cult like, ( i.e propaganda-thought control), now, as it was when used by the NWT writers.

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