God likes to see children get killed

by bobld 27 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • dazed but not confused
  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I think its hard to determine what this god concept likes or doesn't like.

    But, if you are to go by the bible...there certainly is a lot of baby killing. I guess a few million were killed in the flood too. Apparently thats because they were BAD.

  • frankiespeakin

    That's just his way. And don't forget about the resurection, he may get to kill them again when they grow up after the thousand years rule and the devil get another shot at causing them to reject him as ruler, god hates rejection.

  • Berengaria

    You appear to be speaking of the god of the bible. The god of the Jews, and possibly the god of the Christians. Since we haven't heard from him for a very long time, your thread would more aptely have been titled "God liked to see children get killed". But even so, we don't actually know if he did indeed "like" seeing childred get killed. That is purely speculation.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Perhaps the god of the bible lacked the skills to deal with things differently. I suspect this could be the case since I think humans made him up.

    Destroying or eliminating people that don't agree with you does seem a very human trait.

  • jam

    What I found interesting, If Herod really did slaughter all

    the male babies, why isn,t there any mention of it in

    historiical accounts outside the Bible, such as the Jewish

    historians or some other Roman historians?

    Killing a town full of babies, being slaughtered is something

    that would have been recorded, don,t you think?

    Maybe the town was so small and they felt it wasn,t worth

    recording. Then of course there are other stories never recorded

    outside of the Bible.

  • goddidit

    "Actually I have the right to feel any damn way I feel."

    I don't believe I disputed that.

  • bobld

    I am sorry if I offended anyone with the title.

    I was thinking,God knew the future and the out come.per the bible.

    So why not just kill one person and and save all the heartaches.

  • tootired2care

    God works in mysterious stupid ways.

  • Pterist

    I can understand questions about way bad things happen to good people from agnostics, religious and spiritual people. However, if atheists don't believe in God or any god, or first cause, why do some accuse nothing/no god for all the evil in the world. Some seem to hate and talk about someone who does not exist. Can anyone explain this logic to me ?

    I hate Santa, he did not bring me anything last year, oh sorry there is no Santa.....what am I saying !?

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