Friday Fun Post 12/7/12 THE END OF THE WORLD.

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    Post your laughs here, it's Friday! Jokes, videos, pics. Anything for a laugh.

    You don't have to stick with my "end of the world" theme. I just thought I would do that.

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    The first minute is pretty good, but it just goes on:

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    It should be a crazy crazy Christmas shopping season right after the world is still here on Dec. 22nd.

    “If the world were coming to an end tomorrow, I’d probably call in sick to work.”
    ? Jarod Kintz

    “I don't believe the world will end, but I believe stones will wear away. so I don't care what you place on my tombstone.”
    ? Darnell Lamont Walker

    David Letterman's "Top Ten Harold Camping Excuses" (For the Rapture Not Happening)

    10. "Rapture got rained out"
    9. "Forgot to carry the 1"
    8. "Dates got screwed up because of the Jewish holidays"
    7. "Que?"
    6. "Hold on, God's texting me . . . Yeah, it's been postponed"
    5. "Don't blame me! I voted for Kucinich"
    4. "To prevent bear attack, be sure to suspend all food and trash in a tree. I'm sorry, that's from ‘Top Ten Wilderness Camping Tips’"
    3. "At 89, I can't remember how to operate the toaster"
    2. "Didn't everybody's world end when ‘Oprah’ was canceled?"
    1. "I'm crazy"

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    When the end of the world arrives how will the media report it?

    USA Today: We're dead

    The Wall Street Journal: Dow Jones plummets as world ends

    National Enquirer: O.J. and Nicole, together again

    Playboy: Girls of the apocalypse

    Microsoft Systems Journal: Apple loses market share

    Victoria's Secret Catalog: Our final sale

    Sports Illustrated: Game over!

    Wired: The last new thing!

    Rolling Stone: The Grateful Dead reunion tour

    Readers Digest: 'Bye!

    Discover Magazine: How will the extinction of all life as we know it affect the way we view the cosmos?

    TV Guide: Death and damnation: Nielson Ratings soar!

    Lady's Home Journal: Lose 10 lbs by judgement day with our new "Armageddon" Diet!

    Facebook: Checking in with photos from where I am at the end of the world, with my cat doing something silly.

    Inc. Magazine: Ten ways you can profit from the apocalypse!

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