- a new online resource for Jehovah's Witnesses (a brief tribute to the work of John Hoyle)

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    As many of you will know, Juan Viejo2 (John Hoyle) is a tireless worker behind the scenes when it comes to launching, running and assisting websites that help to expose the many fallacies of Watchtower doctrine. Not only is he the genius behind and, he also gave me a HUGE helping hand (before he even really knew me) by setting up, thus giving me a platform on which to run my survey and write my articles.

    Recently, John has also been helping Randy Watters (Dogpatch) with a new improved version of (yet to be released) that will help to ensure the longevity and usefulness of that flagship JW website for many years to come. If there is an unsung hero of the ex-JW community working behind the scenes to keep everything ticking, quietly tightening the bolts and oiling the joints of the apostate internet juggernaut, in my humble opinion it simply HAS to be John Hoyle.

    Always looking for the next new project, and not content with already running an impressive portfolio of ex-JW sites, John has now launched - a website that will hopefully serve as a one-stop resource for some of the best JW-related content and stories on the web. The site is attractive, easy to navigate, and has some great features including a "Discussions" section (with a feed to what is going on here on the forum), and a "JW News" section with the best aggregated news stories on Google. There is also a well written "Related Links" page with a guide to some of the best JW-related sites on the web.

    The website is obviously still wet behind the ears, but I believe it has a great deal of promise. In the future we can expect to be reading articles from a variety of seasoned contributors covering a range of Watchtower-related stories and information, including reviews of the latest JW-themed books, and critical analyses of the latest Watchtower magazine articles.

    I hope the owners of this great forum won't mind me taking a moment to promote, not just this new website, but especially the great contribution that John Hoyle has made to our community. He truly is a kind and selfless man, and his contribution to our cause over the years has been remarkable.

    John Hoyle

    John Hoyle, I salute you!


  • grumblecakes

    for those about to rock...

  • BroMac

    He did an excellent job of Menlo Park

  • cofty

    Thanks Cedars - looks good.

    With so many informative websites how can anybody get through a bible study these days without discovering TTATT?

    Ignorance is a choice.

  • Healthworker

    Nice site! Liked the first articles. Well written, balanced and objective!

    Love Healthworker

  • BlindersOff1

    Nice site

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm really glad when websites such as the one u mentioned come up online. It takes away from the impression that x-JW's are few in number, and mentally unstable.

  • Balaamsass

    Just signed up!

    Great, a Huffington post ex-JW site with a great "searchable" name. Certain to attract lots of JW traffic.

    With his name and location known, I hope he is safe from Watchtower lawyers, investigators, and nut cases.

  • cedars

    Thanks Balaamsass!!

    With his name and location known, I hope he is safe from Watchtower lawyers, investigators, and nut cases.

    Trust me, I know John well. Watchtower should be afraid of him, not the other way round!


  • Balaamsass

    Now I just need to help some elderly JWs get computer savy...........while they can still dis-inherit Watchtower.....

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