JW annual meeting forwards

by Captain Obvious 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gayle
  • Splash

    Knowing the WT, they will probably reroute their own electric usage to that meter.

    It'll be the only clock in the world that uses half a megawatt of juice every day.


  • punkofnice

    I envisage an extra contribution box in the kingdom hells. ''New Light Fund''.

    The tale smacks of JW lies theotwatic warfare strategy to me. To be taken with a liberal pinch of salt.

    The R&F will be guilt tripped into giving money or Jeho-twat will lovingly murder them SOON!* (Using anti-matter from Alcyone). How Happifying.

    *(Terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping' or ‘New Light’™or which ever makes the GB appear to be much higher than God!)

  • hoser

    I heard this rumor from the platform at a circuit assembly years ago.

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