Since man is unable to create life does this mean

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  • Crazyguy
    Does this mean possible a creator did or does exist. There is plenty of evidence of a slow evolutionary changes over millions of years and I do not disagree with this. But again that fact that mankind can not create a living creature from scratch mean there must be a creator?
  • cofty


    Life is not a "thing" it is a process. Substituting "god-did-it" for an actual answer to abiogenesis is lazy and superstitious.

    It's as daft as Isaac Newton proposing that there was no explanation for why the planets all moved in the same plane, therefore it must have been god. He was a brilliant man but when he lost his nerve for science he was a dolt.

  • Viviane
    Why would it mean that?
  • OneEyedJoe
    A squirrel can't create a comet either, but that doesn't mean that comets didn't form through entirely unaided processes.
  • prologos

    Whos say mankind can not create life? just because we still depend on similar energy-use, replication processes that functioned unbrken from when it started? -------but

    If whenever* we were to succeed, particular from scratch, what would that prove?

    That it was created too, by us in the second place, because that 'latter-day-life' did not create itself either. Better to just observe abiogenesis passively, rather than meddling like the bible god.

    * "whenever" like in 'whenever' they say peace and security-.

  • _Morpheus
    @crazy guy, speak for yourself. I have indeed created life.
  • freemindfade

    Man hasn't created life... yet...

    think if it was 1902 you would be saying since man has never flown...

  • Oubliette
    That's the most non sequitur set of statements that I've seen in a long time.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Man cannot create life ... yet. But that has no bearing on whether or not a creator exists.

    The processes involved in life sustenance happen at the microscopic scale and this is one of the biggest reasons why we are ignorant of all the factors involved and required to create life. The very small scale at which life's "pixels" exist make it very difficult to study and understand it sufficiently enough to replicate it. We do know a lot about it. But we don't yet know all there is to know about it. But that day will probably come and then we would be able to replicate it. Although I think it is more likely that we would create our own artificial form of life that is less complex and more elegant than what we see in nature.

  • PokerPlayerPhil
    I think I understand your question, are you asking if man is able to create life inside the laboratory does that prove you need intelligence to create new life? The projects done by science to replicate the early conditions of the Earth to get amino-acids are done by very smart scientist, is this your point?

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