Bus Crash Kills 2 Brothers in Miami on Way To Assembly

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  • RubaDub

    On an unpleasant note over the weekend, a bus crashed carrying 34 JW's from Miami on the way to the Circuit Assembly in West Palm Beach on Saturday morning, 1 Dec 2012. The crash occurred inside Miami Airport. Two older brothers were killed and 20 others injurred.

    The bus was hired from a travel company to take the brothers to the assembly, about an hour and half drive from the South Miami area. Apparently the bus driver got lost in the construction zone around the airport and actually entered into the airport.

    Instead of following the signs for tall vehicles to use the upper (departure) level he stayed on the lower arrivals level which is only used for taxis and vans. Based on the pictures, he was going way above the 15mph speed limit in that area. It looks like the bus was about 2 feet too tall for the area and it did significant damage to the bus. The front was so badly damaged they had to evacuate people out of the windows.

    Very sad.

    Rub a Dub

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