"Assembly Day 1" "Elders Will Help You Understand Society's Publications That Contradict The Bible"???

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  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    "Data-Dog", Elders do not have time to involve themselves with publishers "personal, secret views", why can't the Sheep do their own personal thinking and keep it to themselves if they desire to remain "in good standing"? Watchtower is afraid of the Internet, men like Simon, Randy and Greg Stafford, Anderson Cos (women too) sites putting questions into thinking JWs heads. The WTS is nervous because of the effect sites like JWN, FreeMinds, E-Watchman, Elihu , JW Romania".

    Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a "Elder" provide spiritual encouragement or not cancel a Shepherding Call "they been wanting to do for your family, but it's been a busy three years now!"

    Elders have no time to help, it's the sad truth all JWs must eventually face. When will the Watchtower Society allow elders to keep their own houses from imploding? Elder's are underappreciated, do all the shit work, do their best to try to help the sheep (Most elders are good people, some are very bad, a small minority are wicked) with no formal education.


    What are you saying exactly? I know Elders get taken advantage of like the rest. Are you saying the WTBTS is full of it to suggest that a person go to the Elders for help with doubts?

  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    1. Will going to the elders with questions about recent teachings put me in a good light, or will I be looked upon with suspicion?

    2. Look how well "Ray Publisher's" questions about 1914 went for him, his elders were speechless with each question he brought up. How many answers to his questions were they able to address, other than "Ex-JWs are bitter angry people I know" Elder Dennis

    3. The elders can't answer 'personal ideas and doubts" publishers have that are legitiment. The Slave is allowed to teach anti-Bible-Christian garbled doctrine, and their sheep get punished and "marked' for asking questions. I know this for a fact, I watched people get screwed with for not towing the party line.

    4. It's a fact we are under alot of pressure, questions are popping up and "Old Schooled" elders are hitting the "Apostate Alarm". It's not uncommon for a "answer seeker's" friends and family to be told of possible dangerous association. Look at "Ray Publisher's friend from Porterville, Ca who turned on him for life." We are at a watershedd period, the next ten years are going to make or break the Organziation if they can keep members from visiting anti-JW sites.

    5. Who is going to tell their elders "I think the new Faithful Slave Light" is a heaping pile of dung? I think the "new generation" teaching is so twisted, it's causing my heart to hurt and question the authority behind the teachings?

    Many of my former friends were good at sniffing out the "evil slaves", "trouble-makers", "self-appointed messiahs" of the congregations, asking questions only point's the red laser on your head. What was said at your Circuit Assembly was a bold-faced lie, elders won't touch dangereous material, I asked a couple of COs what they tought of certain topics and it caused me to be "marked" for a short period of time. So I write what happened to me so others here (Lurkers) don't shoot themself in the foot! God Bless you all!


    Yes! I follow you! Sorry it has been a long day! I have learned to keep my private beliefs " private ". At best you will be labled as weak. At the worst you will be DF'd.

  • Sauerkraut
    Elders have no time to help, it's the sad truth all JWs must eventually face.

    How many Elders are simply too busy with shining and glory seeking?

    When will the Watchtower Society allow elders to keep their own houses from imploding?

    Maybe it's harsh to say this: who forces anyone to be an Elder?

    Elder's are underappreciated, do all the shit work, do their best to try to help the sheep.

    Are you sure about that? How many Elders have their noses in the air? I have Elders in my family, they are some of the worst people I have ever observed. They don't care about helping sheep, it's all about status and being in the elite club. They've become extremely arrogant and like to dominate others. Perhaps Elders are becoming more and more underappreciated because the sheep see that they can't depend on them, at least not always. When you read the publications you are shown how it's supposed to be and I can imagine that many then see that reality is far different, that their shepherds aren't there for them, that they don't seem to care or are too busy.

    (Most elders are good people, some are very bad, a small minority are wicked) with no formal education.

    Most Elders can switch to very bad very quickly when it comes to taking care of business, as many here can testify, myself included. They'll forget about compassion and kindness. To some extent they can't be blamed, they're conditioned. But I wouldn't call them good people. Good company men for sure.

    My observation is that many Elders want to shine but don't want to get their hands dirty, meaning doing the real work- taking care of people, looking after people. Statements as "I would really like to help out the weak, but I just don't have the time" are revealing. How many have that mentality? Saying something like that openly reveals who matters and who doesn't.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    For years now Watchtower has said the 9 times the Bible mentions the Unicorn it is in fact a rhinoceros or some other non-mythical creature.

    Recent reports that a unicorn lair has been discovered (I don't actually believe it has but for arguments sake), what would happen if it was true and this creature did once exist but is now extinct. It would mean the the Bible was right and Watchtower has been teaching something in direct oposition to scripture.

    What do you think would happen, for any dubs that notice?

  • unstopableravens

    an elder called me on thankgiving, asking me how i am and if i would come back to the meeting,so i went down house on monday,went over matthew 24 with him ,show him an article in 2004 about the slave. and told him the wt is teaching lies. i let him think for a few, than i showed him the new light,he had a blank stare on his face, than he told me to go to the meetings and only believe what i know is true. i told him no thanks. he says where else are you to go. i said to whom not where. than it was quite.


    Ravens that is awesome!! Good job! What sequence did you use?

    Amelia, a unicorn lair would kick a**, I hope its true!!

  • unstopableravens

    three years ago i wrote the wt showing them that it is not possible the any has been appointed over the belongings based on matthew 24:29-31 its afther the trib. i talked to him and the othe elders at the time. so monday i show him the letter, he said he remembered it. i show him again the whole letter and verses and said the wt is lying here and told why is the catholic and mormon to put the bible over religion but not the jws, and it got back to trusting the slave, i asked him who is this slave? he said 140000 .so the trap was set i showed him the 2004 article. let that sit for a min. and showed him the new light in order on the web site when it said that the first centry ppl were not the fds and only the gov body his face was like! than i showed him about the belongings and how they say its future as i said thr ee years ago! but they say during the trib but the bible says after! i told him they are still teaching lies. he asked me if i believe jehovah is god i said yes but i believe jesus is god not

  • unstopableravens

    micheal. he just go to meetings and believe what i think the bible teaches lol not gonna happen.there was more said but thats the gist

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