DF/DA for giving kid blood transfusion

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  • turtleturtle

    Can Jws be DF/DA for giving their kid a blood transfusion?

  • LostGeneration

    As LeavingWT correctly points out, you can be DF'd for ANYTHING three elders agree upon.

    So, of course the answer is YES.

  • puffthedragon

    You could be, but I bet with the right elder body and an understanding of the weak emotional state one was in, it could be shown mercy.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    I know a family that had a child that neeeded it, and i mean needed. no blood substitute was going to work. Mother was DF, child lived.

    a few years later the whole family is out of the 'truth'...I wonder if they think now how they were expected to loose that kid and whether the kid (now grown up) reflects on it all


  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    I would say if you protested but the doctors gave the kid blood anyway then there's no grounds for DFing, if you sanctioned it then possibly depending on which elders deal with it.

  • BluesBrother

    Yes... quite clearly in the Society's writing and Elder's Book.

    The unrepentant consent to treatment using any of the "big four" fractions (even in the threat of imminent death) would get a parent simply announced as "No longer a J W" and treated as D/a'd

  • blondie

    There is no offense (except the ambiguous sin against the holy spirit) that a REPENTANT jw cannot be forgiven for; given private reproof. But policy is now that a person has DA'd him/herself when accepting a transfusion individually or a minor child. But if it is the first offense and the JC considers them reprentant, DA'ing is not automatic even in the new elder's manual. But then JCs and their judgements vary from congregation to congregation because "holy spirit" doesn't seem to be consistent.

    *** w61 1/15 p. 64 Questions From Readers ***

    If the taking of a blood transfusion is the first offense of a dedicated, baptized Christian due to his immaturity or lack of Christian stability and he sees the error of his action and grieves and repents over it and begs divine forgiveness and forgiveness of God’s congregation on earth, then mercy should be extended to him and he need not be disfellowshiped. He needs to be put under surveillance and to be instructed thoroughly according to the Scriptures upon this subject, and thereby be helped to acquire strength to make decisions according to the Christian standard in any future cases.

    If, however, he refuses to acknowledge his nonconformity to the required Christian standard and makes the matter an issue in the Christian congregation and endeavors to influence others therein to his support; or, if in the future he persists in accepting blood transfusions or in donating blood toward the carrying out of this medical practice upon others, he shows that he has really not repented, but is deliberately opposed to God’s requirements. As a rebellious opposer and unfaithful example to fellow members of the Christian congregation he must be cut off therefrom by disfellowshiping.

  • Benjie

    We know a family where that happened.

    And another family where parents refused a baby a transfusiion and he very nearly died. he didn't die, but they were prepared to take the risk.That isn't faith. It is child abuse.

    It is a sick religion.

  • unstopableravens

    blondie that wt is sick and so twisted. wow they should be watched .

  • Skbj

    A friend of mine got DF twice separate occasions of course, first time was for allowing her teen unbaptized son who had an accident and was in a life threatening situation to receive blood. That was abt 9-10 years ago

    Then later she returned inside and 5 years ago she got DF for the most stupid reason I've ever heard.

    She's an artist and she made an abstract painting of a pregnant woman, if I find it online I'll post it here, anyhow, she wanted to submit some of her work for a prestigiuos prize in her country but realized the work she wanted to submit belonged to categories that were already closed, there were only 2 categories left open and one of these was titled "Holy Art" . She submitted the abstract pregnant woman and she actually won the first prize.

    Then got DF for apostasy. I laughed so hard when she told me the story.

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