Wife's FS report for last month... Zero!

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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    I could just be reading too far into this but... Even with plenty of opportunities and time to go, she didn't seem to make it out last month. Last night she said she was gonna go out today (the 1st) but... She's downstairs at the moment sipping coffee watching TV.

    A few weeks ago on the long drive back from the assembly we talked about FS. I stated that I officially have no plans to ever go out again. We Also talked about how ineffective door to door is. I quoted some JWfacts stats (thanks to mr. Grundy) and she was surprised at the figures. I also briefly mentioned how the bible doesn't say we have to preach, especially door to door. Not sure that stuck though. She opened up a bit and said she doesn't believe only JWs will survive the big A. She expressed concern for the billions of people who are either doing their best, or haven't had an opportunity to learn the bible. What I was trying to drive at was how pointless it all is, and how the focus is to place pubs, not teach anyone. She wouldn't admit it.

    So now flash forward a few weeks, and she still hasn't been in FS. She isn't usually stellar (3-8hrs/mo), but usually goes out to "get some time in." Which is also silly if the goal is saving people.

    SO. I know that both of us putting in reports with goose eggs on them will bring the hounders around. She knows I don't want to talk to them. I want to congratulate her on her zero, but know I shouldn't. How do I deal with her guilt? Which I'm sure she has. I don't want to over do it or spoil it. I want her to be okay with defying WT orders! How do I proceed? Advice please...

  • jgnat

    I reassure hubby of Jehovah's love. It doesn't matter that it's apostate old me. It still makes him feel better.

    It also helps to bring up features of your wife's character, as in "Honey you know how you are. You always....(fill in the blank)." This is reinforcing her natural person.

    Hubby right now really needs to find some new social outlets, but he's resisting. I'll gently shove him along when he's ready to listen.

  • Dold Agenda
    Dold Agenda

    Dont do anything... i would say.
    Take it really slow.

    I manage to get my family out... it tok 2 years from the beginning.
    Cult brains is hard to overcome...

  • Giordano

    If I was still a JW I would not go out in FS for one pretty good reason.............the society still permits pedophiles to associate with JW's and their families at the KH, they are allowed to go out in the FS, knock on doors, and visit families in their homes as ministers. And the society does not want the congregation or the public to know that they are pedophiles! How in the world would one encourage families to associate with JW's and unknowingly put their children at risk?

    Tell your sweet wife not going out in FS is the right thing to do until the WTBTS stops waiting on Jah and starts to clean up their organization. By that time hopefully she's out.

  • FadeToBlack

    You could try suggesting that you go somewhere together next Saturday morning. Not sure what is available where you are, but keep it simple. Farmer's market, park. Don't say anything. Just go do something normal. Couple of hours wandering around enjoying the scenery, maybe some light lunch after that. Later tell her how much you enjoyed spending that time with her.

  • 144001

    I think jgnat's advice is very good, based on my own experiences. I'm out for several decades but I still use a similar approach, and it seems to work.

  • kurtbethel

    If you want to find converts for your religion, field service is a waste of time.

    If you enjoy going door to door and telling people that their religion is false and yours is true, then field service is a wonderful way to spend your time and you should do it as much as possible.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    This is just a thought from a never was dub.

    WT (and Mormons) could double their coverage if they really wanted to by sending out their people on their own (just as, here, door knockers selling telecoms packages, chugging for charities, etc., do).

    I assume (being cynical) that the reason they go in pairs is just in case a dub on FS meets someone who could talk to them and challenge their beliefs. The 'partner' dub is there to prevent that. If my assumption is correct, that says someting about the dubs - about their knowledge and confidence in their faith.

  • blondie

    Why in pairs, probably........

    (Luke 10:1) . . .After these things the Lord designated seventy others and sent them forth by twos in advance of him into every city and place to which he himself was going to come.

    (Mark 6:7) . . .Now he summoned the twelve, and he initiated sending them out two by two, and he began to give them authority over the unclean spirits.

    WT explanations both sides of their mouth

    *** w09 12/15 p. 10 Busy and Joyful in God’s Service ***

    Another practical step is to invite the one who seems to lack joy to accompany you in the ministry. When Jesus sent out the 70 disciples, he did so “by twos.” (Luke 10:1) Do you not believe that he thus provided a means for mutual encouragement? Can you use that pattern to help some regain joy today?

    *** km 12/06 p. 8 par. 1 Do You Have a Personal Territory? ***

    A personal territory is one that is assigned to you. It may be conveniently located so that you can reach it quickly and preach either alone or with another publisher.

    *** km 10/00 p. 8 par. 9 “The New Millennium—What Does the Future Hold for You?” ***

    If your territory is quite large, some publishers may work alone where this is practical and safe. This arrangement will make it easier to reach as many deserving ones as possible.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy


    Respect and adoration to you as always!

    I never was a dub but this: " invite the one who seems to lack joy to accompany you in the ministry." made me laugh in view of the many, many posts here from those who have 'enjoyed' FS.

    Seems to me that those who 'lack joy' (why do WTBTS use such weird language?) are hardly likely to cheer up after a good bout of useless door-knocking in the cold and rain. More likely to make them suicidal, I would have thought!

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