What happened to the 1st century FDS

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  • AnneB
    My hopes in raising these questions is that a person on the fence about the witness belief system could possibly read our thoughts and decide for themselves on the absurdity of all the claims made by the watchtower.

    Remember WT's "Questions From Readers", aka Questions We Wish Readers Would Ask So We Can Preach Our Version To Them? Sooooo fake. Why use such an underhanded and propagandistic tactic? Let people come to this board and read real things, not fake posts that don't represent your real position or beliefs. Leave deviousness to the devious. Be real.

    I remember how dismayed I was the first time I posted to a topic and then discovered that the original poster had done the same thing you just did. One of the effects of that type of post is to doubt the sincerity of any post asking a question....and how is that going to help someone "on the fence" and truly seeking?

    There are people who come here looking for relief from deception. Alternative perspectives are one thing, posting as though you believe something that you don't has quite another name.

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  • Freeof1914

    AB at which point did I post something I did not beleive? Im curious as to exactly what you are implying? I posted my thoughts on the "new light" from the watchtower and wanted to hear some thoughts. For future reference please do not imply that you know my true thoughts or beliefs. I would very much appreciate that. When a question is posed it usually with the intent of hearing others' point of views. I thouroughly enjoy hearing many differing point of views. I have my own thoughts on things but feel I can learn from others and in the process, and if some person were to unwittingly stumble upon the ideas foated here they can benefit as well. Just had to clarify that by no means is that devious and PLEASE do not be dismayed when a person poses a question for which they already feel they have an answer, it is the cornerstone of growing intelllectully and spiritually.

  • kurtbethel

    Did someone mention the 1st century FDS?

    Watchtower Jehovah's Witnesses Governing Body first century governing body claim is like Santa Claus Vs. Easter Bunny

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