Awake February 2013: Where do they find these people?

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  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Professor Massimo Tistarelli:

    "My sister gave me a copy of the book Life - How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or by Creation? published by the Witnesses. The careful research that had gone into this work impressed me." — 2/13, page 11

    He must have done some lousy research, maybe just with the aid of the WTBTS library. Or else he would have found out about the quotes in that book.

    His bio you find here and here.

  • punkofnice

    He's probably been taken out of context (if he even exists).

    The WBT$ probably missed off the NOT! from the end:-

    ''The careful research that had gone into this work impressed me. NOT!!!"
  • Rob Crompton
    Rob Crompton

    Someone could email Prof Tistarelli and ask him if the quote is a fair representation of what he said. He email address is there in the bio that Bats links to.

  • brinjen

    '' The careful research that had gone into this work impressed me. NOT!!! "

    Now it makes sense.

  • blondie
  • EntirelyPossible

    Maybe he be trollin' cause that how he be rollin!

  • enigma1863

    I sent him an email. Not sure if he speaks english. I'll have to wait and see if he responds:

    "Dr. Tistarelli, I just read your short article in the Awake! journal online. First of all I'm sorry, I'm not even certain if you speak/read English but your article made me very curious. So you design or engineer robotics? Have you ever been to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa, USA? They have an amazing program in the field of robotics. I have a brother going there now. Being a professor would you encourage others to further their education?

    In the article You mention evolution and the origin of life as well as the fossil record. I was hoping you could elaborate on that for me. What science publications would you recommend for further research. From the books Ive read (eg. The greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins) there is an over whelming amount of fossil evidence. I was also confused why the article equated evolution with the origin of life, two completely different fields of science.

    I am sure you are a busy man and I will greatly appreciate any responce.

    Thank You"

  • garbonzo

    My mom just gave me this article to read knowing that I support evolution and I am an atheist / agnostic (she doesn't understand the difference or non-difference, so I just say agnostic), so I looked him up and found this thread. Did any of you recieve a response from him? It's a shame that experiences like this cement people's faith, as it's not really something you can debunk, unless the WT misquoted him or made him up, which right now doesn't seem to be the case. All I can say is that he (a scientist for pete's sake) really hasn't done his research. Look at his experience. He accepted evolution as fact without researching it. That's not scientific right there. Even before it said that in the article, I saw that he said he was "taught" evolution. None of the atheists here would say that. The truth of evolution was not one-sidedly taught to us, but we learned it and researched it ourself. Religion is taught, not learned. Evolution should be learned, not taught.

    So again, did anyone recieve a response from him? I'm going to send a simple hello email him in Italian (Google Translate) and see if he responds.

  • NeonMadman

    Prof. Tistarelli is a JW.

    Obviously, this is the article that is being cited, but if he has embraced JW teachings, what would you expect him to say about the WT publications?

  • Emery

    Wow, thanks Watchtower for being objective.

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