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    Wiz, dear, may you have peace...

    And may I say that what I related was something Robert told ME in 1997. I have NO idea WHAT, or even IF he was hearing, in February 2002. So, your ASSUMPTION that he was listening to ANY voice upon acting against his family, is purely that... an assumption. But unless YOU are able to speak to Robert himself and ASK him, I am not sure you can say, as you are presuming to do, that he was driven by a voice or voices. What I said was that he confessed something to me... and to others... some years ago, and they ridiculed him and shunned him for it. He spoke the truth (for HIM, irregardless of whether you or anyone ELSE believes it), and was persecuted for it. I believe that persecution, along with the pressure to deny what was true for HIM... led to his action.

    Was it murder? Okay, if you had problems BEFORE, you're certainly going to have them now, for, no... it wasn't. How so? Because 'murder' is what one PLOTS to do... in their RIGHT mind... to the DETRIMENT of another... for his/her own selfish GAIN. Case in point: David... and Jezebel. What, pray tell, did Robert GAIN in this action?

    And IF, then, you think that Robert was ill, you cannot then accuse him of murder, for you yourself assert he was not in his right mind, based simply on what I told you. In such a case, then, according to YOU, it was due to illness. Therefore, was it due to HIM? Personally, though, I don't think so. Wrong as he may have been, I think that Robert THOUGHT he was SAVING his family.

    Do I agree with what he did? HEAVENS NO!! Do I condone it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Would I encourage it? BY NO MEANS WHATSOEVER!! If anyone I knew even HINTED at such a thing (and believe me, there are those that have), I would do everything in my power to convince them of the wrongness and futility of such an act. I would be OBLIGATED to... and do.

    But evil comes in all kinds of packages, Wiz. What is evil to YOU, may not be so to be, and vice versa. But I can bet that both you and I would do what WE thought best to save our families and ourselves from WE thought was evil. And how we would go about doing that would vary. Think Oprah Winfrey's character in "Beloved".

    Personally, I have sought refuge in Christ, so that very little of anything bothers me. VERY little. And that which does is out of my control anyway, so why sweat it? I have chosen to leave vengeance to my Father, and live the remainder of MY days... in the 'peace, love, faith, joy, mildness, goodness, kindness, long-suffering and self-control' of the spirit. That's MY way of coping. And... it works. For me as well as many others.

    My dear brother, Robert, either FORGOT those things, RELINQUISHED them... or had them stripped from him. Knowing what I know, I would say it was the latter. And failing those, had nothing left... not even the 'motive'... to live.

    And I am truly sorry if YOU don't have the 'compassion' to understand that. But... just like I understand what he did (although I by NO means agree with it), I also understand why you think and feel as you do.

    My peace remains.

    SJ, a slave of Christ who has decided to leave the 'judging' to Him that 'knows', the same One who showed mercy to David... and Moses... and Saul of Tarsus, and, hopefully, my brother, Robert, as well as many others who 'act' out of reasons unknown to man.

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    And, (hopefully), a final 'word' on hearing 'voices':

    May you all have peace!

    The voice is not in my head, dear ones... for God is not in my head. By means of holy spirit, He, through Christ, resides IN me: I am a 'living stone', in His temple, the 'place' He 'inhabits' by spirit. Therefore, just as He is in me, His voice resides and resonates throughout me.

    Now, I am truly sorry, if this sounds 'weird' to you... but, what... would you rather I lie? Nevermind, I know some of you would, just so that YOU can 'feel better'. But... you asked me, and I have to answer you... in truth.

    The 'voice' tells me MANY things: things that have occurred in the past that man has attempted to explain but has missed entirely; things that were said or intended... but man has misrendered due to relying on his OWN understanding of such things, in conjunction with what has been handed down as 'fact' over time.

    Does the voice tell me to predict the future? Nope. For that would be divining. Does it tell me to speak to other spirits and then relay messages back and forth? Nope. For that would be spirit 'mediuming'. Am I psychic? Nope, for to be such I would have to rely on my own abilities and not those 'given' me.

    It is a very simple voice, very mild and it tells me to:

    1. Go to Household of God, Israel...

    2. Tell them the TRUTH... ABOUT the TRUTH... His Word,
    the One who speaks FOR God... and whose voice it is
    that speaks to me. It is NOT God's voice, as some
    have misstated here, but the voice of His Son, His
    Word, who is ALIVE... for Death could not hold him
    ... His Christ and my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH.

    3. Tell whatever he gives me JUST as he tells it to me,
    not wavering to the left or to the right, to the BEST
    of my imperfect flesh's ability...

    4. Make sure that I tell them from WHOM I receive it,
    so that they will KNOW it is not mine and I am not
    speaking of my own initiative, but am speaking just
    as I hear...

    5. Tell them where they have been misled by the false
    teachings, doctrines and traditions of earthling man,
    that have once again YOKED INTO BONDAGE what the
    Source of the voice, the Son of God, has SET FREE,
    by means of HIS own flesh and blood, with which he
    REPURCHASED such ones, so that they belong to HIM,
    and not to the 'men' who raise themselves up over
    them, who seat THEMSELVES in the seat of Moses, and
    make THEMSELVES man's 'mediator' with God, and yet
    have NO authority to even speak for God... for they
    do not 'know' God, they do not 'know' the One whom
    He sent forth... nor are they known BY either of

    6. Tell them that they do NOT have to listen to earth-
    ling man to KNOW the Truth, for they are being
    INVITED to and CAN "Come!" to the Truth himself and
    hear from HIM... from HIS mouth... just as I do...
    about "the foremost things", things which he HIMSELF
    will tell them... and he HIMSELF will lead them
    into all truth... by means of his spirit...

    7. Tell them that they... and I... are to do harm to
    NO ONE... to have anger and hatred against NO ONE...
    to judge and condemn NO ONE... but to love, forgive
    and show mercy to ALL... even and especially our
    'enemies'... as love, forgiveness and mercy has been
    shown to US... and if WE show such mercy, and if WE
    love, and if WE forgive, and if WE do not judge and
    condemn, we will be SHOWN mercy, we will BE loved,
    and we will NOT be judged... or condemned... at all.

    8. That I am to go to Israel and speak this message to
    them, and those that go with them, for by doing so,
    I will save myself... and MY household. For all
    things that I wish men to do to ME... I must do...
    to them. Including warn them.

    Is what I hear for all? Depends. As I have said, time and time again, it is to the Household of God, Israel... and those that go with them... that I have been sent... wherever they may have been 'scattered'. And it is to them... all of them... that I speak: I hear... I obey... and so I go... and I speak. Whether they hear... or they refrain.

    Does the voice tell me to say that all who don't listen will 'die at Armageddon' or 'burn in hell'? Sigh! No. My Lord spoke such words to no one and only intimated them to the scribes and Pharisees who shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men. But even some of them got the message, repented... and were blessed.

    Does the voice tell me WHEN 'the great tribulation', my Lord's arrival or specially when my Father's War will take place? No, for my Lord himself does not know, as he himself is recorded to have said. He cannot possibly tell me something he himself does not know. ONLY the Father knows, and when the Father decides 'enough'... then so be it.

    His is NOT the message of gloom and doom preached by religion and held over the heads of Israel and those that go with Israel pursuant to the Law Covenant. By virtue of his sacrifice, HIS is a message that says Israel... and ALL those that go with them... has been SET FREE from the Law... AND ITS SENTENCE OF CONDEMNATION... by means of him... HIS blood... which ATONED and ATONES for ALL sins save blasphemy against the Holy Spirit... and that ALL who wish it, Israel and the nations included, can come to HIM... and find 'refreshment'... rather than condemnation... for their souls... and life everlasting... in HIS kingdom. Such 'refreshment' is by means of eating his flesh and drinking his blood. The TRUE 'refreshments'.

    It is not news of destruction, dear ones, which only glorifies Death; it is GOOD news... of LIFE... which glorifies GOD... by means of Christ. And this is the news that I hear by means of the voice... the news that Robert heard: that ANYONE, including HIM... can come to Christ and eat his flesh and drink his blood and receive (be 'anointed' with and thus 'chosen' by... the 'promised holy spirit').

    And it was for this 'good' news... that certain men weeped... and gnashed their teeth... as did their forefathers before them... and for which they sought to silence us. They told Robert he was NOT among those who could eat and drink, that he was NOT among those called and chosen. Apparently, for Robert, then, he not longer had any 'hope'. They indeed 'got done with what they were doing'.

    As for me and MY household, however, we shall continue on the Way... fearing no man... for what can earthling man do to [us]? I do not wish my family to see death, but rather life... and will NOT let such men deprive me... or them... of it. My life... and that of my children... belong to God. Bought with a price, so that I don't have the authority to take them... any of them... and would never DREAM of doing so.

    There is no "Jim Jones", "Heaven's Gate" or "David Koresh" situation here, dear ones. Not even close; not even a hint of it. I LOVE living (and there are those here who can attest to that)... and I love my life... it is VERY cool! (And I don't even BUY Kool-Aid!)

    I am quite sane, dear ones... and quite stable. I promise. And I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ, who couldn't deny the voice... and its Source... even if I wished it... which I don't,


  • gravedancer

    The lunatic is on the grass
    The lunatic is on the grass
    Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
    Got to keep the loonies on the path

    The lunatic is in the hall
    The lunatics are in my hall
    The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
    And every day the paper boy brings more

    And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
    And if there is no room upon the hill
    And if your head explodes with dark forbodings too
    I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

    The lunatic is in my head
    The lunatic is in my head
    You raise the blade, you make the change
    You rearrange me 'til I'm sane
    You lock the door
    And throw away the key
    There's someone in my head but it's not me

    And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear
    And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
    I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

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