WTB&TS Memorial , April 14th, 2013

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  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    This is posted because several threads have been posted disputing the day chosen by WTB&TS. So this gives a heads up for those interested in this topic for 2013, or otherwise.

  • QC

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Be sure to read article "Born Anew" at http://www.laissezcom.com . All Christian beneficiaries of the Kingdom participate in the memorial celebration, evidence they choose to be “born” into the family of Jesus, the “last Adam” Eternal Father. (1Co 15:45, Is 9:6)


  • Jaime l de Aragon
    Jaime l de Aragon

    Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate an annual Memorial, Catholics do daily Eucharist. Did you established Iesous Xristo a ritual of these characteristics or mean something else?, As in two thousand years, first, Jehovah's Witnesses did not exist and could not celebrate Catholics second is a desecration of the "Christianity", what happened then or better than what Iesous Xristo means established?

    The dinner commemorating the Redeemer, is a rite of Jehovah's Witnesses, looking technicalities and just think, if they were not so concerned as tiny technicality, they might actually encourage a genuine personal relationship with Iesous Xristo and wean of a human organization.

    One teacher said her students


    When I teach the subject of "hermeneutics" (scriptural interpretation), soil insist to my students that lack of knowledge of Greek and Hebrew, is extremely important to compare translations. It is a tremendous advantage count today with a number of translations of very different characteristics.

    For example, in Luke 22.19 New Spanish Bible translates: "This is my body which is given for you, do the same in memory of me." This translation brings to the fore all the ambiguity that exists in the original text. What exactly is it that sends repeat Xristo Iesous in memory of him? Is the breaking of bread or release the body for others? The New Spanish Bible seems to suggest it's the latter, possibly in parallel with Jesus' instruction in another time and place: "Take up your cross and follow me." The Greek puts touto poieîte. Others translate "do this".

    Yet the question remains: What is the "this" that sends Xristo Iesous do? Obviously, as in Paul (1 Cor. 10) there is a custom of breaking bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus. Does the fact that the immediate disciples supposed that it was instructed, perhaps deny the possibility that the other was also in the minds of Iesous Xristo?

    Is it possible that at the Last Supper which was sending Xristo Iesous was imitating his example of sacrificing life itself for others? As he said "No one has greater love than this, that someone should surrender his soul in behalf of his friends" (John 15:13)

    This is an intriguing possibility, full of meaning, that never occurred to me not to have read a different translation to which I usually read.

  • Bobcat


    I read the article in the link you posted. Very interesting. It contains many thoughts that I have slowly been arriving at. But I doubt I could put it all together into an article like that.

    Did I read correctly that you (if you're the author) take the "other sheep" of John 10 to be the same as the "Great Crowd" of Rev. 7?

    Take Care

  • Jaime l de Aragon
    Jaime l de Aragon

    I must investigate carefully, Greetings

  • WTWizard

    April 14, 2013? What are they smoking? I checked the lunar schedule for 2013, and found that Nisan 1 is actually March 11, the new moon. Given that Nisan starts when the new moon is first visible, it is reasonable that March 27 (the full moon) would be the actual day. The full moon happens at 5:27 AM that day. The next new moon, the beginning of the next "month", is April 10 at 5:35 AM. It is highly absurd that the REJECT Astaroth Party, which is 14 days after the new moon, would fall only 4 days later on April 14. The April full moon would be on April 25 (14 days later, allowing for the observance of the new moon) at 3:57 PM.

    I think if they wish to not throw everyone off, they had better concede that they at least need to know when the new and full moons are. If they have their REJECT Astaroth Party so blatantly off time, they are going to lose even more people that are going to realize that something is wrong. Usually, they can get away with a day or so (because of the exact time, and to allow for observance of the new moon). But going 10 days off, at that against them, is not going to win them any intelligence points. That is, unless they are trying to give poor Astaroth a double slap in the face by throwing the timing way off in addition to rejecting her with their practices.

  • berryqueen

    I was thinking last night..... in the light of the "new light" about the FDS / 144,000 - wouldn't it be pointless to do the memorial???

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Where did itsi..... get his/her date from?

    The date of the memorial in 2013 is in fact 26 March 2013:


    The Memorial for the year 2013 will be on Tuesday, March 26.

    I hope the new information regarding the GB and FDS is a bit more accuate!


  • QC

    Note: Post April 14 is wildly incorrect. The 2013 Memorial is sundown MARCH 26 TH Gregorian (which is Jewish calendar sundown Nisan 14).


    It is a pleasure to share this discussion with you. This is exciting!

    Really, really, really important is the fact that “born anew” and the Memorial are tied together. “Born anew” is at the core of “the good news of the Kingdom” message. This is one of the major failings of the JW preaching from door to door. In fact, my opinion is, the GB suppressing this information qualifies them as the “evil slave.” No one gets life salvation unless they are “born again” into the family of Jesus. Which cancel out the “death birth” from Adam. This new birth is the single most valuable possession a human can acquire. Nothing ranks with it in importance. And, this is a CHOICE everyone is given opportunity to make.

    The public Memorial participation is great joy for those who acquire this birth by maintaining a lifestyle rich with “spiritual waters of truth” and the “spirit of righteousness,” which orients the heart with a faith showing enduring righteousness. Unfortunately, the majority of Adam’s descendants will not choose righteousness. The allure of selfish “flesh” with sinful pleasure and materialism is more to their liking. This lifestyle has no future.

    Rv 7:14-17 is referring to the blessed “born anew,” those alleviated from earthly suffering: no hunger, no drought and famine from climate change causing sun heat to ruin the planet, and other conditions causing tears . This is not talking about heavenly life because physical misery does not exist in the spirit realm.

    Both heavenly and earthly flocks have the “born anew” pedigree and have Jesus as their shepherd in the pursuit of life (Jn 10). They only difference in the two groups is timing and numbers. This is similar to the situation where not everyone can be one of the twelve apostles because of timing and numbers.


  • GL

    The correct date, according to the December 2012 km, page 8, is April 14th, 2014. NOT 2013, when it is March 26th (December 2011 km, page 4).

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