Your best money saving tips here, please

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  • LDH

    Larc's thread on Coupons gave me this idea.

    We all know coupons can save you a few dollars or more. But how do you save REAL money???

    Do y'all have any tips that you wanna share? I will share some with you, but I'd like to hear some of yours first.

    Prov. 31 Class

  • MegaDude

    Develop less expensive taste and hobbies?

  • Scully

    Do NOT under ANY circumstances, go grocery shopping with kids.

    That is all.

    Love, Scully

  • Geordie

    The way i look at it is that money is there to be spent. After all you cant take it with you, but if you want to save money then save for one thing you realy want, something that is going to make you realy happy. Thats the only way i can save money. For me trying to save money just so that i have money in the bank is pointless.

    Im currantly saving up for a deposit on a Susuki GSX1400. should have it this month i hope. The last thing i saved money for was my trike. When ive bought thew Susuki im going to start drinking more nights a week again. lol

  • bboyneko

    You can save lots of money by
    1) don't eat out so much
    2) don't buy name-brand so much
    3) cut down on drink costs, buy powder drink mixes like kool-aid or tang
    4)Try shopping at bulk-rate warehouse shopping places, like here in the U.S. we have places like SAMS CLUB, PACE, and others. YOu might have to buy a gallon of ketchup, but its at a very cheap rate. Milk is as much as $1 cheaper at places like this
    5) get the best rate you can on your health and car insurance
    6) Do you really need cable/sattelite tv?
    7) To save on electricity don't leave your computer monitor on a lot, it eats HUGE amounts of electricity. hand-wahs your dishes more instead of constantly using the dishwasher machine.
    8) Keep your car in good repair to avoid huge repair bills. Routine maintenance like regular oil changes, tune-ups and tire changing can save you tons.

    That's all i can think of for now.

  • Simon

    Cut down on things you don't *really* need.

    Pay off your credit cards before you save.

    Transfer debt to lower rates of interest

    Don't get married.

    Don't have any kids.

    Don't start a discussion forum.

  • KistByQpid


    Let's see:

    1. Use the "pantry principle" buy in bulk, buy loss leaders, stock up on the items you use at the lowest possible price...this allows you to never run out and HAVE to buy items when they are not on sale.

    2. Know, what your having for dinner the night before...avoids lots of last minute trips to the store and/or fast food dinners.

    3. Never buy, what you can easily make...things like bisquick, which is overpriced flour, baking powder and shortening. Frozen biscuits, pancakes and waffles also are super cheap to make, but cost considerably more money to buy pre-made (plus they taste nasty).

    4. Know what a "good deal" is...sometimes a "sale" doesn't automatically mean a good price. Shop around, call around for prices on spendy items...find out about price matching policies, this will save time and money, and keep you from driving way out of your way to get to the store that has the "sale"

    5. Maintenance is cheaper than repairs...don't wait till something is broken: cars!

    6. Avoid credit card purchases like the plague.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    One way to save money is buy 'quality.' Buy only what you need. We live in a system that requires deep pockets. Happy spending or savings?

    Guest 77

  • SixofNine

    tres words: le leche familia.

  • Seven

    Keeping accurate records of what I spend helps the most.
    1. No pizza delivery. yearly savings: $720.00
    2. Dump worthless Premium movie channels. savings: $300.
    3. No fast food. yearly savings: $260.00
    4. Limit fine dining to special occasions. savings: $1,200.
    5. No NHL season ticket. savings $1,500.
    Total savings: $3,980
    Using cheap prepaid phone cards with no connection fees for certain long distance phone calls has cut down on my phone bill too.
    The new furnace has cut my heating bill by nearly 50% this winter.
    *Also of most importance is home canning and freezing-all fruits, juices, veggies, tomatoes and potatoes come from the garden. The only things store bought are meats, milk, butter, paper products and cleaning supplies.

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