Why are people burning their city to the ground in Baltimore? How doe Looting and Mob Violence Help?

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  • Simon
    Simon, have you ever been to the US? Because what you say seems to make a lot of sense in the abstract, but just doesn't represent the reality of life in here America.

    Yes, many times, and I am very familiar with US culture from a lifetime watching Starsky & Hutch, The Dukes of Hazard and, erm, Baywatch..

    I don't know why the cops in Baltimore don't just ask Huggy what "the word on the street" is?

  • zeb

    re the riots . "people" dont trash stores and commit acts of terror its criminals that do.

    I came across a blog called cavatus.wordpress.com

    take a look and see what has happened in the once model country of Sweden and enjoy your nightmares.

  • Laika
    this reminds me of the experiment of sending out two exact resumes over a period of 4 years or so. One had the name Dante Williams a common black name the other Donald Williams. Dinald williams received 50% more calls although everything was exactly the same.

    Paul, have you ever seen these videos from YouTube? Anyone who watches these and still claims black people are not treated differently because of skin colour is a racist. Check your privilege.



  • paulmolark

    What about this case in nj? Two police randomly pull a black guy and beat him up and threaten to shoot him. Repeatedly yell "why are you reaching for my gun" when he was down on the ground.

    Mind you after going through similar and seeing similar things happen fairly regularly in NJ in the past it is impossible to tell me that the rate of this happening to blacks is linked to income and not the color of their skin


  •  taciturn exterior
    taciturn exterior

    Police work done on the basis of bias and stereotypes is as ubiquitous as it is unlawful in the United States of America.

    One example, The Department of Justice report on Furguson:


    African Americans are more than twice as likely as white drivers to be searched during vehicle stops even after controlling for non-race based variables such as the reason the vehicle stop was initiated, but are found in possession of contraband 26% less often than white drivers, suggesting officers are impermissibly considering race as a factor when determining whether to search.

    FPD appears to bring certain offenses almost exclusively against African Americans. For example, from 2011 to 2013, African Americans accounted for 95% of Manner of Walking in Roadway charges, and 94% of all Failure to Comply charges

    Our investigation indicates that this disproportionate burden on African Americans cannot be explained by any difference in the rate at which people of different races violate the law. Rather, our investigation has revealed that these disparities occur, at least in part, because of unlawful bias against and stereotypes about African Americans. We have found substantial evidence of racial bias among police and court staff in Ferguson. For example, we discovered emails circulated by police supervisors and court staff that stereotype racial minorities as criminals, including one email that joked about an abortion by an African-American woman being a means of crime control.

    As an American who believes in justice and fairness for all citizens, I support the movement to reform police practices in this country to ensure equitable treatment for all under the law, to punish police brutality, to remove racist police officers from their jobs, to require departments end the unlawful use of stereotypes/bias in policing, and to hold individual officers criminally accountable if they unlawfully kill a citizen.

    In short, I support the movement to require police officers to follow the laws of the United States of America.

  • Billyblobber
    Here's an excellent interview by The Wire's David Simon that gives a bit of history and nuance to the way that the Baltimore PD is run, and why stuff like this happens, for anyone that wants to read it:



    But the other thing that gets you beat is if you fight. So the rough ride was reserved for the guys who fought the police, who basically made—in the cop parlance—assholes of themselves. And yet, you look at the sheet for poor Mr. Gray, and you look at the nature of the arrest and you look at the number of police who made the arrest, you look at the nature of what they were charging him with—if anything, because again there's a complete absence of probable cause—and you look at the fact that the guy hasn't got much propensity for serious violence according to his sheet, and you say, How did thisguy get a rough ride? How did that happen? Is this really the arrest that you were supposed to make today? And then, if you were supposed to make it, was this the guy that needed an ass-kicking on the street, or beyond that, a hard ride to the lockup?

    I'm talking in the vernacular of cops, not my own—but even in the vernacular of what cops secretly think is fair, this is bullshit, this is a horror show. There doesn't seem to be much code anymore—not that the code was always entirely clean or valid to anyone other than street cops, and maybe the hardcore corner players, but still it was something at least."

  • PokerPlayerPhil

    Why do they burn their own city down, again we all know how hard running a business in areas with high shrink-rates(missing inventory, theft rate) like CVS has to deal with in areas like this. Policy changed dealing with shrink because one of the assistant managers tried to play "Police" and chased a shoplifter who stopped and told the manager, "if you continue chasing me I am going to kill you!" Stupid Assistant Manager got his throat cut and left for dead. Others trying to protect the interest of their stores were shot, now you price in to the merchandise the percentage of missing inventory and guess who pays for that?

    Thugs figured out how to break those old locks and steal bikes using "quick freezing" gas, angles of busting them. Terry learned the hard way about leaving his bike unattended, in this areas they will steal the bike with you riding it! We need jobs for these people and hope, when they have no means to bring food to the table they will take it. A lady friend of mine was buying a AR-15 and 9 mm pistol because after stocking up on food supplies, the guy selling them to her said "I don't need to stock up because I have a arsenal of weapons, I will take them from you before I allow my family to starve!" How can we bring forward a economic system where people have a chance to provide for their family with dignity, that's whats behind this issue, the root of the problem!

  • _Morpheus
    How refreshing to see that the people of charleston didnt need to riot because some racist SOB comitted an ateocity
  • blondie

    no mob violence in the UK?

    BTW, a small group do the mob violence...the US is no more a country of over 300 million violent mobbers than the UK is.

  • EndofMysteries

    Has anybody been following Baltimore lately? Since the police have backed off, the murder rate has EXPLODED, http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/05/30/murder-capital-baltimores-homicide-explosion-in-wake-freddie-gray-case-dwarfs/

    Over 135 murders so far in Baltimore, even kids getting killed by other blacks, and no protests or "black lives matter" protests. But if a single black thug dies by a white cop during resisting arrest, then burn the city down and claim blacks are being killed by the hundreds. They are being killed by the hundreds and thousands by their own people.

    Why isn't Obama or Sharpton chiming in on this?

    Even in my area killings where that community live are on the rise. Shootings at kids parties with tons of witnesses but nobody saw nothing.

    In my neighborhood we have neighborhood watches, if something happens, people will talk. We don't accept criminal activity and won't let ourselves be victims.

    What is the solution when these other communities idolize criminal behavior, keep their mouth shut when their friends and neighbors get killed, robbed, etc, bully and harass their own if they choose to be police officers, have no problem when their own are killing them but then they attack, riot, plunder if a 'white' officer hurts or kills a resisting criminal?

    It's not PC to say what the real solutions would be but if it really starts spreading away from the confines of those communities, there will eventually be a shift away from PC because once those problems start hitting good law abiding citizens homes their tolerance for being PC will quickly fade away.

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