"Evidence" of a "smokelike pall"... This was the last straw for me back in 2008. Fade began with this:

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  • jwleaks

    Four times the congregation went through the Revelation Climax book.

    This naturally led to the conclusion that before you can get to the climax one must first go through the foreplay. Soon, very soon.

  • XkhanX
    Revelation book used to be my fav book. I thanks Jah for giving the Anointed brothers understanding to the most cryptic part of the scriptures. We studied that 3-4 times in book studies Grp. Tonnes of time we spent on going through this book and later with its revision. Imagine the time wasted when I started to understand TTATT and wake up. The interpretation is full of cr*p. It's men teaching, not God. Same applies for the rest of the publications.
  • jwfacts

    The Isaiah book was the last for me and going to the book study. I could not bear sitting through such repetitive, baseless garbage.

    The final straw at the book study was after a news report about JWs and pedophilia in Australia. The study conductor said it is all lies made up against Jehovah's people.

    I thought how can I sit here listening to this brain dead fantasy book whilst real things like child abuse get swept under the carpet.

  • wizzstick

    The Isaiah book was the last for me and going to the book study. I could not bear sitting through such repetitive, baseless garbage.

    Me too.

    Compounded by the Study Conductor being (a very nice) brother with a VERY strong West Indies accent and a repetitive word habit..

    "So brothers, we see...don't we...dat Je'ovah...don't we..dat Is in 'eaven"...don't we...etc.

    He talked and talked and talked. The study would last 90 minutes - 2 hours!

    Plus I also found the book incredibly dull and repetitive. It was probably then that I started to wake up.

  • Heaven

    "As John observes, the release of the locusts is accompanied by much smoke, like “the smoke of a great furnace.” That is how it proved to be in 1919. The situation darkened for Christendom and for the world in general. (Compare Joel 2:30, 31.) The release of those locusts, the John class, was actually a defeat for Christendom’s clergy, who had schemed and plotted to kill the Kingdom work for good and who now rejected God’s Kingdom. Evidence of a smokelike pall started to spread over apostate Christendom as that locust band was given divine authority and began to exercise it in proclaiming powerful judgment messages. Christendom’s “sun”—her appearance of enlightenment—suffered an eclipse, and “the air” became thick with declarations of divine judgment as “the ruler of the authority of the air” of this world was shown to be Christendom’s god.

    Cofty's 'word salad' description comes to mind reading this. WTF does this even mean?

  • fastJehu


    Four times the congregation went through the Revelation Climax book.

    4 times?

    I have only 3 times in mind.

    start 17th April 1989, km 04.1989

    start 03th October 1994, km 10.1994

    start 08th January 2007, km 07.2007

  • Alive!

    2007 was a difficult year personally - I didn't remember studying the book until memory was jogged by last post.

    Man, just 8 years ago this book was still hot to trot.

    Would they dare push this book out there now?

  • stuckinarut2

    How did I ever study, sit through, and conduct the group with this sort of stuff??

    I feel so dirty thinking about it now......

  • DarioKehl
    We went through the Climax! book in '91-92 also. I remember having to run mics for it.
  • DarioKehl

    It's funny how relatively new this book was and how recently it was covered in book study.

    If you follow the trends, it seems since the 2006-2008 era, that's when the big shift began: a wave of "newly annointed," a wave of mass exodus or fading, the alert from WT about following direction even when it may not make sense "from a human standpoint," the dissolving of book study...

    that period seems to me to mark the end of 20th century J-dubdom and, in some bizzarre molting cocoon phase, a new slick polished shiny refined ultra modern high-tech commercial 21st century incarnation arose. Coupled with that, however, was the emergence of YouTube in 2006 and social media (YouTube was where I first saw exjw videos). While online activism began with massive outreach, JWs were learning about how our church leaders' time in the slammer fulfilled bible prophecy. We saw the number of annointed rise every year since this 4th time in the Climax! book. People woke the eff up---I mean, look at the evidence! I can't believe how many friends of mine sat thru that book study and are also free from this crap today.

    2007-08 was not that long ago and look at the massive changes. Look at how they've buried this book--you can't find it anywhere. They're ashamed and embarrassed by it and they know it woke people up to TTATT.

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