American Bible Challenge?

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    I watched Jeff Foxworthy's new game show last week. It was entertaining and informative. Anyone else check it out? This was a stumper to me..

    Who was the only woman Judge in the book of Judges? cheating please.


  • joyfulfader

    Deborah :) I am at work so I can't cheat lol

  • Splash

    ok, so name me an old testament Prophetess???

  • joyfulfader

    Was Anna considered a prophetess?

  • joyfulfader

    Was Jael considered a prophetess?

  • joyfulfader

    Anna was NT...

  • joyfulfader

    My favorite question is who was Abraham's wife after Sarah died?

  • transhuman68

    Deborah was a judge & a prophet. (Judges 4:4)

  • smiddy

    OK so what`s the point of this thread ? Are you driving the point home that women should have a greater role to play in the congregation ?

    I think at least 50% of people here would agree , if that`s your point.


  • blondie

    My favorite question is who was Abraham's wife after Sarah died?

    (Keturah) One of their children was Midian showing the connection of the Midianites to the Israelites.

    The bible identifies Deborah as a judge over Israel where people came to her for decisions. She had this position although she was married to a Israelite husband. The WTS does all it can to downgrade her position as not a judge because it interferes with their opinion that women are secondary.

    (Judges 4:4) . . .Now Deb′o·rah, a prophetess, the wife of Lap′pi·doth, was judging Israel at that particular time.

    The WTS even says that Deborah wrote part of the bible.

    I don't think though in the bible that judge = prophet (the WTS discounts Samuel as a judge; I guess you can't be a propphet and a judge at the same time per the WTS). But I don't think judge trumps prophet.

    Miriam, Moses' sister, was considered a prophet and composed part of the Bible.

    Isaiah's wife was called a prophetess (no name, which happens in bible accounts, for example, do you remember Noah's wife's name?)

    Also there was a woman, Huldah, who was a prophet that the king sought out for direction although there were many men claiming to be prophets.

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