WTLIB 2011 items different from WTLIB 1999

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  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat


    I was asked this some time ago for anyone who might care and I just ran accross the paper where I had figured out what was dropped through the years from the public view in WTLIB....



    Babylon - bf 1963

    Bible Stories - my 1978 revision-2004

    School Guidebook - sg 1971, revision-1992

    "Your Will" - yw 1958


    JW Brochure - br78 1978, revision-1989


    Nations Collide - nc 1971

    One Government - og 1975

  • DarioKehl

    academic dishonesty at its best.


    Anything interesting in any of those publications? Why leave them out? CD-Roms have a tremendous capacity for storing information.....


    "Your Will" was a major study book and I remember that we studied it in the 70ies repeatedly.

  • blondie

    The Your Will book was replaced by the Daniel Prophecy book

    The Babylon the Great book was replaced by the Revelation Climax book

    There was a new Bible Stories book released

    The School Guidebook was replaced

    The JW Brochure (1978) is on my WT CD 2011

    All Nations Collide is on my WT CD 2011

    (The WTS tends to drop older publications when replaced by "more up to date" versions)

  • jwfacts

    Anything interesting in any of those publications? Why leave them out? CD-Roms have a tremendous capacity for storing information.....

    There is enough free space on the DVD that they could almost include all the publications ever printed, not just back to 1970/1950. It is that old light is not considered important, even viewed as undesirable. The DVD is for research for talks etc, and not for an historical evaluation of the Watchtower, which paints it in a bad light.

  • steve2

    From memory, the Daniel book from the 1950s contained several blatantly definitive statements about Armageddon being played out with the USA/British alliance warring against the Soviet bloc until Christ steps in and the system totally collapses with only faithful Jehovah's Witnesses being saved. The book was a relentlessly doom-laden, shock-horror fest that would suck the life out of the happiest reader. Today, even readers with no active brain cells would probably see through the arrant stupidity of that book's now absolutely disproved premise. It seems the governing body must also agree with my summation because the book is not available on any CDrom. It has disappeared, sunk, just like the Soviet Union.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You can still find the references to the Soviet King of the North by searching 2011 for king north soviet.

    Most of the dropped books and earlier editions have been scanned and posted here complete with their images of four legged snakes and whizzing sputniks.

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