Would elders cover up for a murderer?

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    *** w77 3/15 p. 191 Questions From Readers ***

    Still, God’s Word does not charge the Christian congregation, through its overseers, with the obligation to become acquainted with all the details of civil and criminal law so as to enforce these. We can see this in how Paul handled the case of Onesimus.

    Onesimus was a slave of a Colossian Christian named Philemon. For some selfish reason Onesimus fled to Rome so he could lose himself in the masses of people there; he may even have robbed his master before fleeing. In Rome as a runaway slave (Latin, fugitivus) Onesimus came in contact with Paul, became a Christian and ministered to Paul. In time the apostle urged Onesimus to return to his legal master, Paul even encouraging Philemon to receive Onesimus as a brother and to treat him kindly.—Philem. 8-22.

    Take note that while Onesimus was in Rome the apostle Paul did not hand him over to the Roman authorities for punishment as a fugitive slave and possibly a thief. We know from his writings that Paul believed that a Christian should obey the law of the land, but plainly he did not consider it the congregation’s duty to serve as an arm of the government in policing individuals’ lives. Also, we can observe that Onesimus’ situation was not treated as a barrier to his getting baptized. Eventually Onesimus, likely motivated by counsel such as had been written earlier in Romans 13:1-5 and by Paul’s personal urgings, chose to return to his legal master.

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    blondie that was the one I remember.

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    SBF, when I first dealt with a sexual abuse case, my own family, I was referred to that question from readers by the elders as to why they were not going to tell the police. It was 1983 and there had been an article about it finally. Evidently reporting had not been defined yet. But I worked closely with law enforcement and I knew what the law was. Unfortunately too much time had gone by and it was past the statutes of limitations and without the willingness of the youngest victim to testify, nothing more could be done.

    Strangely enough, all the elders involved over the years have had castastrophes in their lives, children on drugs and alcohol, df'd, broken marriages, trapped on the edge of the WTS, neither really in or out and miserable.

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    JEFFT- The WT society and elders already are covering up for murderers if you consider the Malawi incidents , blood transfusion flip flopping doctrines which resulted in needless deaths , and suicides from young JW's due to child abuse and other shunning tactics of the WT society. The WT society covers up for itself and it's minions

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    Thanks guys. Someday, somehow I'm going to get this thing published. I've described the book to my editor as "The Da Vinci Code" meets "Silence of the Lambs." I have the basic manuscript done, but I wrote it for National Novel Writing Month and it needs a lot of work to get it in shape.

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    : I'd like to think most elders would have enough of their moral compass left to not cover such an act over.

    Baloney. They're covering up for nine of them in Brooklyn as we speak.


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    Yes. At Bethel. Florida. Chicago. California. All upon instructions from the desk and legal. See above letter link.

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    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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