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    Russel was an Adventist..

    Russel became an Adventist Apostate..

    JW`s are..

    WatchTower Worshipers..

    ............................. ...OUTLAW

  • slimboyfat

    Charles Taze Russell had utter disdain for churches that had social programmes too. It is one of the things that strike you about the early literature, how they seemed to think that the "social gospel", as they called it, was practically evil. The modern Watchtower organization is more apathetic to charity rather than outright hostile, but that's where it originated.

  • steve2

    Thanks Joker10. Yes, the Mexican JWs (95%) literacy rate is higher than the Adventists (87%) but the Mormons have the slight edge (97%). The significance of these percentages is probably elusive because I would guess - I admit I do not know - that the literacy rate in the Mexican general population is probably well below any of the three groups. One sociological observation about these sorts of groups is their tendency to improve basic educational levels across the board. This probably counts for a lot in poorer countries. By contrast, we know in developed countries, that the JWs are well behind their peers in terms of educational attainment (which I know is not equivalent to literacy).

    Some people - usually pro-JWs - make disparaging comments about the appeal of other religions due to what these religions offer converts in terms of practical support. Many Christianized groups have social programs that are of practical benefit not just to converts but outsiders as well, kind of outreaches. The almost sneering view of this has some of its roots in Chuck Russell's defensive promotion of his ideology over getting off his backside and helping the poor and downtrodden.

    His well worn comments about needing to provide spiritual food has simply been passed from one generation of leaders to the next. It is a thoroughly expedient belief that absolves leadership of social responsibility (forget about the Biblical injunction to look after widows etc.).

    That's fine I suppose - I just wish they didn't tart their approach as somehow better than others who are of such huge benefit to their respective communities. And boy that sneering view is so out of date in today's more socially conscious environment (note that the Watchtower seldom speaks in openly disparaging tones anymore about other religions social programs - the Watchtower has got its PR image to think about.

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