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  • LyinEyes

    Have any of you who were raised Jw, after d/f or d/a , been to other churches? And if so , did you convert ? Were you afraid to go to another organized religion? Have any of you had success on " going it alone", so to speak, praying for Holy Spirit and feeling you are getting answers to what you read in the Bible? I am trying to do it on my own, I sometimes feel I am getting no where, other times I do feel something happening, my eyes are opening up. Just wanted to know how you guys feed your spiritual hunger.

  • Perry


    After going to several different churches, I can definitely say that all are not the same. If you don't feel your spiritual needs are getting met at a particular one...by all means go to another one.

    Also, when you find one you like, participate in small group activities they may sponsor. In other words meet some people! That was the whole purpose of Christians gathering together.... to have a sense of community and an extended family. Only going to the big service won't get you very far I'm afraid.

    I couldn't even think about going to a chrch for years. I finally checked several out, went to one for a year....then switched to the one I go to now. I still have friends from the ones I no longer attend. You will really appreciate the Christian freedom many churches offer, even it is is a little unfamiliar being spoon fed everything.


  • 2SYN

    I don't have any spiritual hunger. The WTBTS took care of that! I do have a hunger for something else, tho...leaving the WTBTS has just increased that!

    The earlier in the forenoon you take the sun bath, the greater will be the beneficial effect, because you get more of the ultra-violet rays, which are healing. - The Golden Age

  • NeonMadman

    After leaving the JW's, I found a very nice church near where I was living and went there fairly regularly until I got married this past October and moved. Now I'm having trouble finding a church here in Northern New Jersey that is as nice as the one I was going to before. It seems like all the churches around here are either very small with not much going on, or huge mega-churches, neither of which makes me feel very comfortable.

    There was one medium-sized church that I attended for a month or so, but each time I went, the regular pastor was away. Then, when he finally was there at the same time as me, it was communion week, and he went on and on about why some people shouldn't partake, are you "clean" enough before God, why, I know a man trying to divorce his wife, a man like that shouldn't be taking communion, yada yada yada...I never went back, and don't plan to.

    The nicest church I've found is run by a pastor whom I met at Witnesses Now For Jesus. He and his wife are truly lovely people; my hang-up is that there are only about 20 people in the church, and I'm not sure I can deal with being in such a small congregation. I just want some spiritual support and fellowship; I'm not looking to be a "pillar" at this point, and I'm not sure there would be any choice in such a small group.

    So the search goes on. Whatever happens, I may get involved with a specific church at some point, may even get active in it. But I doubt at this point that I'll become a member of any religious organization, ever again. Too much bad history there...


    "The truth was obscure, too profound and too pure; to live it you had to explode." ---Bob Dylan
  • finnrot

    I was raised a Jehovahs Witness, but after 1975 came and went I reailzed that if this were the true religion they wouldn't have been so wrong about when Armageddon was going to arrive, and the whole explanation that a generation lives longer than they expected didn't wash with me. As far as I was concerned the whole concept of God was dead to me.

    When I was 25 I married a black woman from the south that was a southern Babtist, I went to services with her and eventually my children, just to be with them on Sunday mornings and also for the music. If you havn't been to a black church then you should go, even if you're white you'll be welcome. The music at the First AME churches is the best Gospel you can find, I felt like I should have paid an admission charge, it's that good!!

    It's all just entertainment, God is dead.

    "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."
    Terry Pratchett.

  • RunningMan

    I picked up a nasty case of spiritual food poisoning at the Kingdumb hall, and now I can't even look at a plate of the stuff.

  • AGuest

    Dearest Lying Eyes... may you have peace... and may I respond? Thank you!

    You ask:

    Have any of you who were raised Jw, after d/f or d/a , been to other churches?
    What, pray tell, in heaven's name, FOR?

    And if so , did you convert ?
    Well, okay, yeah, to another 'church', but not in the manner that you speak. To the TRUE 'church', the TRUE 'temple' of God, the 'congregation of the Firstborn...'

    1 Corinthians 3:16
    Ephesians 2:19-21

    Were you afraid to go to another organized religion?
    Afraid? Afraid of what? I mean, BESIDES more lies, false doctrines and teachings, and other sundry misleadings...

    Have any of you had success on " going it alone",
    The Body of Christ is NEVER alone...

    Matthew 28:20

    ... so to speak, praying for Holy Spirit
    I have asked... and I receive... and try to share...

    Luke 11:13
    John 14:14-18
    John 15:26

    and feeling you are getting answers to what you read in the Bible?
    Much of it, yes... but with my Lord's caveat that "all that I give you is written (and, please note, not necessarily in the 'Bible'); however, not all that is written is what I will give you, for it is with the false stylus of the copyists that much has been altered at the whim of earthling man..."

    I am trying to do it on my own...
    You cannot DO it on your own... you NEED a 'teacher'... a 'helper'... a 'leader'... and there IS One...

    Matthew 23:10
    John 15:26
    John 13:13

    I sometimes feel I am getting no where...
    No to worry... simply KEEP seeking, KEEP asking, KEEP knocking... and it (the 'Way' into the kingdom - John 14:6; 10:7, 8) WILL be 'opened' to you...

    ... other times I do feel something happening, my eyes are opening up...
    Praise JAH!

    Revelation 3:18

    Just wanted to know how you guys feed your spiritual hunger.
    By 'eating' TRUE spiritual food and drinking TRUE spiritual drink, not in 'ritualistic ceremony'... but in FAITH and OBEDIENCE:

    John 6:56
    John 7:37, 38

    As a result, I neither 'hunger'... NOR 'thirst'... any more.

    Revelation 22:17


    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    LyinEyes - I'm not an Ex-JW (or JW), so I can't speak from that experience, however I agree with the previous comments from AGuest. Don't be so hard on yourself...live your life, seek after good and positive things. If I were in your shoes, I would keep it simple and read the Gospels..Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (I especially like John).. To me they speak from The Saviour. I like the other books, but I think people get caught up in the various interpretations and start sounding like Pharesses and scribes with jots and tittles. When I read The Gospels, sometimes I feel like I'm transported back to that time and I'm peeking in on how Jesus handled his journey on this earth (like we must do). By praying, exercising a little faith, answers do come, a little at a time and in their own, right season.

    There is a non-demoniational little magazine called "Guideposts" that a friend of my gets (I get them second hand). I enjoy reading it. They're inspirational stories from everyday people in their spiritual 'quests' ... I think it could be a 'positive' in your life and might point you in the direction you wish to explore. Just a thought.

  • RR

    I was attending another "Church" while still serving with the Witnesses, just bidding my time. Eventually I left the witnesses and dedicated my time to the Church. Neon says His Church is too small. I love small, our groyp has dwindled down to about 20 or so. But we have wonderful studies, and hold conventions and seminars where hundred attend.

  • yumbby

    The witnesses totally ruined me on religon. I feel it is the biggest problem with the world today. organized religion. the cause of almost all pain. I can't even look at a bible anymore.

    Get your head out of your butt.

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