Court Proposes Reducing Puntives to $8,610,000, Condition on Candace's Accepting Amount - Otherwise, New Trial Re Punitives

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  • Jeffro
    If I have read the court docs right, this does not have anything to do with the verdict. The verdict has been made and the WTS was found negligent and ordered to pay money as punishment.

    It certainly seems that way to me too. It refers to the option of, "a new trial on the issue of punitive damages solely" if the $8.61 million is not accepted. Conti has said that it is more about the Watch Tower Society changing their policies than the money, but in the event that it goes back to trial and a lower amount of damages is then awarded, that certainly wouldn't make it more likely that the WTS would change its policies. Though it remains to be seen whether they will change their policies anyway.

  • truthlover

    Is this case setting a precedent that now congregations or is it just the elders involved in this case, are to pay the 13%? I am a little confused on this point, if anyone can expalin, thank you


  • truthlover

    Don't see my post so..

    is this case setting a precedent in that the congregation OR is it only the elders , that pay the 13%??

  • WTWizard

    How many more times are those corrupt judges going to divide the award when they need to multiply it? Dividing it by 3? Let me see that damn calculator--problem fixed. Fat finger error--I meant to hit the times button instead of the divided by button, meaning it should be closer to 80 million toilet papers (or the amount of silver it would have bought during the early part of August 2012).


    Without knowing all the facts I'd hope that Candace takes the money and is able to move on with her life. Until the amount is settled, which might then take many months or years she won't see any money. She has already gone through the pain of trial, been a shining light to any who have suffered due to the WBTS's broken policies and hopefully started the wheels of change in motion.

    $8m in damages is what the WBTS have proposed to pay as a result of their malice - that seems pretty damning in itself - they were found guilty and now want to pay this to settle.

    That's more than a dollar for every JW in the world being offered in compensation - wow!!!


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