Norway massacre gunman declared sane, gets 21 years

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  • jam

    Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people, that,s 77 people folks.

    But the prison term can be extended for as long as Breivik

    is considered dangerous. What the hell !!!!!

  • james_woods

    Good lord - the customary sentence in the U.S. for killing just one person - in the second degree - is 25 to life.

    That is seriously screwed up. European socialism revealed.

  • Leolaia

    Ummmm, so according to my math, that amounts to about 99 days per person. A murder sentence that lasts only 99 days.....dang. At that rate, Charles Manson would have served his time before the Watergate scandal blew wide open.

  • jam

    Yes, for each person he killed, a little over 3 yrs. Come on,

    this have to be a misprint. In the Associated Press to day.

  • Glander

    Yeah, I saw the headline. WTF is it with Norway? This sentence is a disgrace. he's 33. At the latest he'll be out at 54.

    This not justice

  • jam

    Leolaia: you are right, don,t know what I was thinking. (99 days per person).

  • Leolaia
    Yes, for each person he killed, a little over 3 yrs.

    That would have been a sentence of 231 years. It's a little more than three months per person.

  • Berengaria

    And yet they have so much less crime, and our own extreme sentences appear to do nothing to deter.

    If he is not considered a threat after serving his sentence, the maximum available under Norwegian law, he will be eligible for release in 2033, at the age of 53.

    However, his demeanor, testimony and declaration that he would have liked to kill more people helped convince the judges that, however lenient the sentence seems, Mr. Breivik is unlikely ever to be released from prison. He could be kept there indefinitely by judges adding a succession of five-year extensions to his sentence.

    The relative leniency of the sentence imposed on Mr. Breivik, the worst criminal modern Scandinavia has known, is no anomaly. Rather, it is consistent with Norway’s general approach to criminal justice. Like the rest of Europe — and in contrast with much of the United States, whose criminal justice system is considered by many Europeans to be cruelly punitive — Norway no longer has the death penalty and considers prison more a means for rehabilitation than retribution.

    Even some parents who lost children in the attack appeared to be satisfied with the verdict, seeing it as fair punishment that would allow the country, perhaps, to move past its trauma.

    “Now we won’t hear about him for quite a while; now we can have peace and quiet,” Per Balch Soerensen, whose daughter was among the dead, told TV2, according to The Associated Press. He felt no personal rancor toward Mr. Breivik, he was quoted as saying.

    “He doesn’t mean anything to me,” Mr. Soerensen said. “He is just air.”

  • 144001

    And their strict gun control laws likely increased the casualties in this tragedy . . .

  • braincleaned

    Thank you Berengaria for some much needed reason and information. Maybe this will intelligently curb the usual "European socialism revealed" idiocies from ignorance.

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