a JW caught on video with foot-in-mouth disease!

by moshe 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • moshe

    This brother really digs a hole for himself--


  • Kojack57

    LOL!!! I have seen that before looking on U-Tube. That j-dub is a F**king moron.


  • cofty

    He is a dolt!

  • Leolaia

    LOL, he just couldn't say "no".... instead of "Er, uhhhhh that would depend on..... ummmmm.... how do I put this...."

  • awaken2004

    LOL I love how the guy tried to escape when he was on the phone. Very funny.

  • Heaven

    Ya know, the longer this guy talks to this JW, the less time this JW is out preaching as well as lookin' like a dolt. Good strategy.


    He`s a Lying JW..

    What else would You Expect..

    The Truth?..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • exwhyzee
    "Yes...each and every one of us is an Ordained Minister"

    Ordained...its such an official and important sounding word. You can just hear the thinly veiled smugness and pride in poor Mikes voice as he is saying this. He thinks he's got made and is about to teach the interviewer a thing or two about his religion when suddenly he realizes where this conversation is leading to. You can see the realization come over him. He can't simply give what he knows to be the correct and honest answer to the questions put before him because if he does, he has single handedly failed the organization along with acknowledging a chink in his own spiritual armor.

    Don't you feel pity for him? Haven't you heard yourself defending or felling obligated to defend that which you know is flawed? A more savy JW although thoroughly versed in the same line of defense would have declined any comment and smelled a rat long before the camera was rolling. I'm sure he was kicking himself later. Luckily his wife calls and gives him an out...hopefully she was back at the seats with a comforting and restorative Cheese Danish and a can of warm Shasta Soda to wash it down with.

  • moshe
    restorative Cheese Danish and a can of warm Shasta Soda to wash it down with.

    how well I remember- and those burritos, before the days of Prilosec-

  • Heaven

    This guy has no clue how wacked it sounds to say that a child is an ordained minister.

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