Were You Punished by Your Government for Not Being a Part of Military Service?

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  • 3rdgen

    My uncle did 5 years hard time in prison during WWII. He was a gentle soul and suffered brutal treatment. He was never the same after his release. I'm sure he suffered from PTSD among other serious emotional problems. His younger bro. enlisted and became the family "black sheep".

    A number of friends and family went to prision during Viet Nam. However, the conditions were not as bad as during WWII. The ones i knew went to Safford Az where the JWs got to be together and usually went home in 18 months or less. The Lottery saved my 1st hubby. He drew 360 out of 366 in the 1st round. He quit pioneering the next day. LOL

    Like someone said, Pioneering helped much more in WWII than Viet Nam to get a minesters classification. I still have the "Consolation" mag from 1941 that listed the names of the brothers who the WTS helped to get their minesters classification. My father, my stepfather, his brother, hubbys uncle etc. etc were all listed.

  • Farkel


    : Did you refuse the CO designation.

    No, but I did appeal it and they denied my appeal. I listed my "credentials" above, but ironically 2 other brothers my age were both tried with me, and they were marginal dubs at best, maybe 2 hours FS a month, never did any sort of pioneering and didn't really fit the dub mold. We were ALL given the same exact sentence! So, you see, my 3 years of pioneering (mostly to avoid being drafted) was doubly wasted.


  • nuthouse escapee
    nuthouse escapee

    I remember hearing about the young brothers during the Vietnam War. (I'm Canadian) Until you hear the real story from those affected you have no idea what it was REALLY like and how it affected your life long after the fact. We were never told the outcome and the real consequences. I had no idea that you were instructed to say that this was your own idea. It makes me sad that you all had to go through this for nothing and get stuck with a criminal record. Terry, that is just terrible. Jehovah obviously wasn't helping anyone. I hate this Cult and it's leaders for all the lives they have ruined.-Leslie-

  • Diest

    I really do appreciate hearing these stories. I didn't know that Farkel was convicted and senteced to two years of work detail. I have heard of a few others on the board who also suffered through this period in JW history. I hope Fernando and Designs post their stories as well as anyone else out there.

  • sooner7nc

    Indirectly. My Father spent 22 months in the same prison as Terry (just after Terry had left there). We've never been close and I hold them partly responsible. Fuckin' Watchtower!

  • Sobeit
  • Sobeit
  • Sobeit

    WWII brings back many unpleasant memories of the young and middle-aged men imprisoned.

    One young man was resentenced after his first imprisonment. Draft boards did this more than once.

    Lewisburg was a harsh prison with known criminals there. One man who spent time in solitary confinement

    which may explain his behavior in civilian life. Twenty years later, a young JW man sentenced there, brought

    his father to tears as he told his Dad he couldn't take it anymore; although the congregation wanted to

    disfellowship. His JW father was imprisoned during WWII.

    The young men recently released from Sandstone (which was a high security prison)

    learning to walk freely without guards watching their every step.

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