Finland: move to reinstate national service for JWs

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  • dreamgolfer

    My neo-politico feeling is.....drumroll please

    Finland is in the EU,

    EU protects everyone , every religion, every country

    Finland will have to abandon it's desire to make JW do "Service" or risk being sanctioned by EU

    JW lawyers in EUROLAND will se to it in Brussells

    Note, I am not a an attorney, or lawyer, just a practical guy

    These opinions are expressed by one who is just getting over a cold (cough cough)

  • Kaiser

    Yeah but the joke is: civilian service in Finland doesn´t have connection to military. It is under ministry of employment supervision.

    But elder i asked it about told me otherwise: civilian service is under military supervision and so it´s against jehovah´s principles. You cannot do any kind of of alternative service, ie. working in hospital, school, etc.

    However, officer of employment agency told me its absolutely false information.

    Well lied elders :)

    Most of the people cannot flee to Aland as people there speak swedish and it´s quite impossible to live there without knowing language. :D

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