Thank you Randy Watters/Dogpatch for your honest answer concerning "Hellfire"

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  • booker-t

    I was so glad to see an ex-jw born again christians that does not believe hellfire is a place of eternal damnation. It was refreshing to read Randy's thoughts on the subject. After I left the JW's I had a hard time with born-agains especially ex-jws born-again almost demanding that I believe in hellfire torment. I just could not swallow it and to please some of my "new" friends in the christian community I pretended to believe in it. Fast foward I realized I was giving my power to another group of people the same way I did as a JW. I have received my BA degree in psychology and it is amazing how as humans we always need to "please" people instead of ourselves. Now ex-jws born agains and some born agains tend to shy away from me because I now know my bible frontwards and backwards. I read for myself and not let "someone" else interpret the bible for me. I rely only on Jehovah and Jesus for insight. I now tend to stay away from overly religious people because their minds tend to be closed. I study for myself. But again Randy thank you for you honest answer on hell it was very comforting.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I'm a Christian and don't believe in "hell fire."

    I believe that in hell men are their own tormentors. I believe that no one will be tougher on ourselves than we will be.

    Some people, like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Lincoln, Sadaam Hussein and other dictators, will be forced to deal with what they've done, and those in Hell will suffer for their own sins even as Jesus suffered for our sins. This suffering caused Jesus Christ, the greatest of all, to suffer and to bleed. At the same time, I believe Hell will be remedial. I don't think God tortures people for no reason. Hell has to have an ultimately positive purpose; otherwise, it cannot be of God.

  • Dogpatch

    Thanks Booker-t,

    In my generation we never discussed doctrine, even among Jesus People... I imagine it was the same way with the common Christian in the first two centuries... then men got busy with their minds. :-))


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