Thoughts: Convinced that my wife will never awake from the brainwashing

by goingthruthemotions 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • OnTheWayOut

    One thought on going to the meetings for your wife's sake.

    The kids hate it. You hate it. I know you go for her sake, but does that really help? I say this because you may just be keeping her sure that you will one day hear the right talk to bring you back or else something at the meeting will bring you to your senses.

    I would consider telling her how much you love her but want to stop going with her to the Kingdom Hall because of the repetitive crap that just isn't true and you want to go do something else with the kids while she's gone.

  • ssn587

    You never know what will wake someone up, my wife unfortunately didn't wake up until just a month or so before her death. She finally realized that her so called friends disappeared since her depression, no phone calls, no stopping by to visit nada. She turned to me one morning and said they really don't care do they? I told her yes they really don't care, elders never stopped by or even asked her or me if they could be some help. She was depressed and me and daughter were left to it. So unfortunately in our case the awakening came to late. It definitely opened up my daughters eyes to see all the uncaring. After she passed we never had an elder ms pioneer or anyone come by, so we exited left and haven't been in a hall since just over a month after she passed. The wakeup alarm is different for all some will ignore it and others will turn it off and go back to sleep unfortunately.

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