Did Jehovah love Job?

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  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Yes, Still Thinking, I believe you are correct...

    Jgnat, would you please refrain from analyzing things from any perspective but the MAIN CHARACTERS POV (you know, the MALE'S perspective). Keep that kind of thing up, and it will NOT be appreciated by some (mostly males)... ;)

  • mP


    Given jobs children were grown up when the storm rolled in, how come his wife was still fertile in her 50s or 60s or later ?

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    how come his wife was still fertile in her 50s or 60s or later

    Sin, you know...People lived to 400-500 years at the time, so logically they were fertile a lot longer.

    But wait....then as we kept piling on the sin and life kept getting shorter, in the 20-th Century the trend reversed - we started living longer!

    Did we start having less sin?

    Ah, it's all so confusing...wait on Jah to sort it out....

  • frankiespeakin

    The whole intent of the story is not that God love Job (which is hard for God to do since he has such an almighty Ego) but whether Job loved God. Lets not mix apples with oranges here. God(apples) Job(oranges).

  • frankiespeakin


    "Of course Jehovah loved Job. Didn't he replace said children twice over? I am sure Job's wife was pleased to comply."

    Wanna help me populate the earth? Jehovah did a lot of killing we need to fill the void he left.

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