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  • metatron

    Years ago, when my mom was alive, she was very active
    in the door to door work. She always had bible studies.

    But she started noticing a change in the kind of people
    being studied with. There were fewer middle class
    intact families - and more 'damaged' people, often on welfare.

    As she bluntly pointed out, fewer 'quality' people, capable
    of standing on their own and more people with long term
    problems - who were likely to remain dependent on others, emotionally
    or otherwise.

    Blunt as she was, she didn't want to call them 'losers'!

    And so here we are,
    Most (east coast) congregations I'm familiar with
    are loaded with weak, childlike people who have little
    ability to think or reason in confronting the practical
    demands of life. Such as:

    Young married teenagers with no career skills or emotional maturity

    Older married Witnesses with 'I got my green card, so long sucker'
    mates ("I met a nice sister in Russia/South America/East Europe")

    Brothers working three part time jobs (no college, etc)

    People with chronic emotional problems who evangelize out of the
    mainstream remedies ("You have multiple personalities/ are
    are allergic to everything/ were abused by Satanists....")

    Depressed old timers who would never admit, out loud, that they've
    been screwed

    Burdened, tired, broke single moms - who will have their kids
    disfellowshipped, just as soon as the elders get around to it.

    Get rich quick Amway/Pyramid schemers

    Burned out elders, faking it, too cowardly to quit

    Teenagers, rebelling against all of it, but so lacking in
    practical life skills, that the organization will shadow
    them for life.

    and countless bad marriages.

    Too bad for the Society,
    Their goal is control, to keep people away from thinking skills

    and the above is the fruitage

    Good God!, They'd be better off watching Oprah! (shudder!)


  • Naeblis

    This kind of extreme, propoganda posting cannot be tolerated. NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, can convince me that watching Oprah is justified.


  • moman

    meta, you forgot pedofiles.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    OHMYGOSH....this is one of the best points I've ever seen raised on here are so right right right (three times for emphasis).

    I have seen so many bible studies started with very 'needy' people...needy in so many different ways...usually emotionally...sometimes physically...and MANY times mentally...I could go on and on. The nuttas we were see embracing the truth was unbelievable...and so many lonely people who just enjoyed the contact with people...and who enjoyed being made a fuss over due to their newness.

    I also think the impression some characters would give householders when they engaged in the door to door work leaves much to be desired...usually very zealous individuals yet still lacking somehow. So sad!! Then got the intelligent ones...who were usually overlooked when it came time for privileges...because they are usually too 'non-conforming'...their opinions and ideas are sometimes too challenging for the elders.....I've seen many an intelligent brother be overlooked when it came to appointments. The reason?? He was not humble enough...what a load of tripe.

    I do know of some JW friends who had the smarts to do more with their lives...but they were comfortable where they were....and they considered it a humble privilege to be devoting their intelligence to the service rather then to secular pursuits.

    I feel like I could go on and on...mainly becaue it was such an injustice....intelligent ones were stiffled and anyone with talent had to suppress it for fear they were seeking honour and glory not rightly theirs.

    Just reading your list...I even saw the category that I came under...scarey!


  • rhett

    Hmmmmmmm......if this is true that would seem to mean that quite a few of us who left are somehow disturbed as well because at one time or another we were in it. One thing that most people tend to forget about is that when making statements about JW's such as this is that one point we were almost all JW's also which would imply that at least a certain number of us would fall under this same description.

    I don't need to fight
    To prove I'm right
    I don't need to be forgiven.

  • LDH
    (east coast)

    Met -would you email me?

    Your Mom was correct. And if she was still alive she'd probably choke on the new 15 min publisher rule.

    Pitiful. Their standards keep going down all the while they are shouting, "The Emperor's New Clothes are Magnificent!"


  • CornerStone

    Man, Oh man BM, you hit the nail on the head!

    Commenting on Metatrons' post, you pretty much summed up my entire 'active' JW experience. Lonely and then being stripped of ALL my privilages for asking a few questions. All in a nut shell.

    The Borg Masters really do seek out broken people, their easier to control. Emtionaly mature, financially stable people have little but 'show' value to those controlling snakes.


  • bboyneko

    Nablis tried to marry me to get a american citzenship

  • Naeblis

    Lies!! My love was real.. :(

  • Beck_Melbourne

    rhett's my category: "Young married teenagers with no career skills or emotional maturity"

    and here's the category I came from: "Most (east coast) congregations I'm familiar with are loaded with weak, childlike people who have little ability to think or reason in confronting the practical demands of life"

    and here's where my mother came from: "Depressed old timers who would never admit, out loud, that they've been screwed"

    I had mates in every category...


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