Saint Patrick's Day is coming

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  • Mulan

    Does anyone have any St. Patrick's Day plans? Corned beef and cabbage, and Guinness? Anyone??

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • Englishman

    My pub landlady always hosts the national saints days for her customers with an appropriate celebration, but she will not entertain any celebrating on St Patricks day purely because she depises the Irish, which, IMO, is very sad indeed.

    St Georges day (England ), St Andrews (Scotland) and St Davids (Wales) are all fun nights. Pity about the Irish though, so I go elsewhere.


  • Solace

    This is my husbands favorite holiday!

  • Princess

    I haven't made any formal plans but you and dad should plan on coming over!



    I TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME FOLKS--CORN BEEF and CABBAGE sounds great but the company I bet is even better !!!! HAPPY ST. PATTYs DAY EVERYONE !!!!

  • Mulan

    Sounds good, Princess. I wonder how much food coloring it would take to make Guinness GREEN!!

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • Xander

    You've all heard the new Guinness radio adds, yes?

    Something along the lines of 'no foofy green beers, celebrate with a REAL Irish drink!'

    Hehe... /me LOVES Guinness

    Unfortunately, my wife works, so we'll have to celebrate the day before

    (BTW, anyone else think that the canned/bottled Guinness just tastes like CRAP. I mean, it is just SOOOO GOOD on tap, but they can't seem to can or bottle the damn stuff, which is a real shame. How much does a keg cost, anyway? )

    A fanatic is one who, upon losing sight of his goals, redoubles his efforts.
    --George Santayana
  • Masterji

    St. Patrick would blush in his grave [or in heaven] to know he was being idolized.
    He was far too humble of a man for that.


  • Scully

    My husband is of Irish ancestry. St Patrick's Day is now on par with Christmas since we've left the JWs as far as he's concerned.

    When I first met him, I didn't realize he had only been "in the Truthâ„¢" for a couple of years. It became very evident though when he asked Do you have any Irish in you? When I replied that I didn't, his next question was Would you like some??

    This happened at a District Convention. I was so embarrassed!! LOL

    Love, Scully

  • Solace

    That is so funny,
    Its nice when they have a sense of humor.

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