"Jehovah, I want you to be my Master in every aspect of my life"

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  • stillin9

    .... I am your servant. I want you to determine how I should spend my time, what my priorities should be, and how I should use my resources and talents."

    This was in this week's Watchtower, first paragraph. The whole article was about how you should not pursue any worldly interests and give priority to kingdom interest. Bunch of BS! And of course they have the picture of the "happy" pioneers, Sister Hardly Smiling, Sister Anorexic, and Brother Window Washer.

    Getting sick of this.

    End rant.

  • zeb

    and keep in mind the couple who pioneered for life in a less than developed country until a health tragedy overcame them. Every couple i read about who did thelifetime pioneer thing fell prey to major illness and had to be repatriated home to an easier position.

    Why this severe illness thing. Diet? over work?

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Translation: "Give all your money to us as long as you live!"

  • Sulla

    Sad, really, when JWs invert the meaning of everything. Yet another reason why actual Christianity is sooooo much better than the near-atheism of the JWs. Actualy Christianity insists that all of us have a vocation -- some thing that we were made to do with out lives -- and that doing what God wants us to to means finding and living this vocation. If God has given you great athletic talent, be a great athlete; if he has given you a mind that finds math easy, develop that talent and use it; if you are happiest in prayer and service, be a religious, etc.

    This is what it means to live as God desires: to be the man you were meant to be. The JW idea is quite nearly the opposite: deny your talents and interests and live a life that is a horrible fit for most people. Thus, as usual, JW-ism is anti-Christian and also anti-human. No surprise there, really.

  • WTWizard

    I do not even want Jehovah in my life at all, the way he has fxxxed up everything he could have. To depend on that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag for everything is not what I wanted. Not being able to attract what I am naturally attracted to, yet having to accept that which I am not naturally attracted to, is not my idea of competence on running my life. And that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag has the audacity to want me to be his slave? He wants to be my master in every aspect of my life? When he can't even get the simple things right?

    I would rather have Satan as my master. At least Satan doesn't want you to be depending on someone for your whole life.

  • Sulla

    You are just a very strange fellow, aren't you? Being that full of rage for this long can't be very healthy, dude. Have you considered a hobby? Model rockets or something? Rock collecting? Stamps?

  • Heaven

    Why would anyone want an absentee and delinquent father to be their Master?

  • Messerschmitt

    Your equating "Master" with the "Organization", right?

  • stillin9

    @ Sulla, I agree with you my friend, but "actual Christianity" means something different to everyone and each has their explanation of Christianity, thus the thousands of sects (including JWs).

    @ Messerschmitt, you got it right! And I am not equating it, the organization is! ;)

  • stillin

    I was there, too. Barf, Barf and again, Barf. Could not EVEN sing the closing song...and I LIKE to sing!

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