Is it fair to say the Jehovah's Witnesses are like that of the Pharisees?

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  • I_love_Jeff

    Pharisaic thinking is contrary to the "good news" of what Jesus came to bring in Himself. Pharisaic thinking and methodology is cultic thinking and methodology. It includes extra-biblical revelation, authoritarianism, elitism, superiority, pride, exclusivism, separatism, secrecy, legalism, moral and behavioral conformity, isolationism, busyness, critical and hostile attitudes, defensiveness, self-serving, deception, proselytizing, financial exploitation, political attachments, prophetic abuse, etc. These are not consistent with the character and ministry of Jesus Christ.

    Will some of you give me some examples of how the Jehovah's Witnesses fit into this type of mind frame?

  • cedars

    I'll start us off with one example of pharisaical thinking/practices...

    Creating petty rules as to what toys a child should or shouldn't play with.

    sparlock in bin


  • sir82

    All the rules & regulations regarding how to act while in & around the District Conventions....

    Wear your nametags all the time....don't wear shorts and a t-shirt when you check into the hotel....don't call 911 if you see Joe Geriatric clutch his chest and keel over...bring your lunch in a container bigger than this but smaller than that.....take notes no matter how boring the speaker or inconsequential his remarks....

  • Glander

    Oh yes, it's more than fair. Talmudic law type minutia is exactly the history of the WatchTower society. "New light" is a code phrase for more Pharisaical legalese. That's one reason they don't try to direct anyones attention to old publications. In their case "old" can be a month or two.

  • 00DAD

    Not at all. The WTBTS makes the Pharisees look like amateurs! ... lol

    In fact, the Pharisees could certainly learn a thing or two from the modern day GB.

    Which reminds me of this revealing comment I came across recently. In a US Supreme Court case, Paul v WTBTS of NY, Inc, one of the Supreme Court Justices had this to say about Jehovah's Witnesses:

    • "The Witnesses … have developed an elaborate set of rules governing membership."

    You know if a US Supreme Court Judge thinks your rules are "elaborate" then they must REALLY be so!!

    Here are a couple of related threads with relevant points to ponder:

  • Emery

    • Have to wear a suit and tie to the meeting.
    • Must have matching suit if you're giving any parts on Sunday.
    • Women have to place a head covering if they proceed with a bible study with unbapized men.
    • If you forget your tie, you are not properly dressed to serve Jehovah at the meeting.
    • No beards allowed.
    • No Mickey Mouse ties.
    • No long hair for men.
    • If you don't meet the monthly service average you're not good enough to teach from the podium.
    • You're not a spiritual person if you miss meetings.
    • You're not a spiritual person if you don't go out in service.
    • You're not a spiritual person if you don't study the Watchtower.
    • Your're not a spiritual person if you watch rated R movies.
    • You're not a spiritual person if you decide to go eat out instead of bringing your lunch at an assembly/convention.
  • I_love_Jeff

    What a sad video! Thanks for sharing Cedars. The JWs are something else!! That poor little boy simply wanted to play with his Sparlock toy!!!

  • 00DAD

    I_love_Jeff: That poor little boy simply wanted to play with his Sparlock toy!!!

    The interesting thing about that is that THE WTBTS CREATED THE TOY THAT THEY TOOK AWAY!

    Think about THAT from a psychological point of view ...

    It could be any relationship: Person A never even thought about wanting a particular what-ever-it-is; the other, Person B says, "Hey look what you can't have!"

    Create an artificial desire and then deny it. Classic manipulation and control.

  • jam

    Pharisaic thinking you described are the exact description of the GB.

    If you ask a ex-JW, and give those description don,t mention

    Pharisees, inevitably the reply will be the GB of JW,s.

  • WTWizard

    The religion is in fact half Pharisaic Jewish, and half Pauline Christian. You take the worst of Christi-SCAM-ity and mix in the worst of Judaism, and you end up with Jehovah's Witlesses. And the Pharisaic side manifests every time you run into stupid rules, that "brazen conduct" rubbish, hounders and attendants that think you need to obey them at a$$emblies, and that idiot that insists that you need to use his brand and type of everything.

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