sisters wearing pants/trousers?

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  • twinkletoes

    My sister-in-law has recently gone back to the Org :-(

    She has been wearing trousers (pants to US members ) now she has been told to expect a shepherding call from one of the elders about her style of dress!

    Has anyone any good ideas or even scriptural comments that she could use.

    To me, wearing trousers is nowhere as serious as supporting the UN for nearly 10 years, not to mention all of the failed prophecies.

    She didn't believe me when I told her about the UN scandal, she thought that there must have been a good explanation.

    I feel very sorry for her as she is basically a very kind person, just very lonely and I think that's the reason she went back.



  • cedars

    Was she wearing a pant suit at the meeting? If so, (1) she's a brave lady indeed, and (2) surely she should have seen this coming?

    Unfortunately, there's nothing she can say to her elders that will help her situation if her aim is to discreetly settle back into the organization. She could try saying "show me in the bible where it says I can't wear a pant suit!", but unfortunately, what is or isn't in the bible is irrelevant when organizational rules or traditions are involved (as far as elders are concerned). It's a similar situation with beards for men.

    I would really try to use this as a clear and blatant example to show her that the organization ISN'T based solely on scripture, but first and foremost on the whims of a mysogynistic human leadership that is hell bent on enforcing strict uniformity on its rank and file as an expression of power and control. No amount of loneliness can justify throwing yourself to the mercy of such a damaging cult.


  • Magwitch

    Wearing pants equates to being equal to a man. Can't have any of that going on. We need to know our place.

  • outsmartthesystem

    I think it is quite clear that it is a stepping stone process. As soon as she becomes comfortable wearing pants.....the next thing you know, she'll be trying to grow a penis and testicles. That's how these things work, ya know

  • Lozhasleft

    I remember a Watchtower with a pic of a sister in Iceland wearing trousers on the ministry. It was ok cos of the extreme cold apparently. There was a study who insisted on wearing them to meetings, she brought a hubby and a few kids along with her so the elders were reluctant to step in. But they did lol, and she was told it wasn't acceptable. The whole family walked away. With hindsight, I salute the girl. Stupid legalistic rules.

    Loz x

  • sir82

    It's roughly equivalent to a brother sporting a beard.

    Sure, if she wants some entertainment, she can ask for scriptural reasons why she can't wear pants to a meeting, and watch as the elders hem and haw and fumble about. But ultimately it will get her marked as a troublemaker and may well lead to all sorts of issues later on. If that what she wants and is prepared to deal with it, more power to her.

  • jgnat

    See, if she wants to be treated as an independent and intelligent woman while staying in the good graces at the Kingdom Hall, she's hooped. I'd tell her so.

    This is part of the indoctrination process. Get them to agree on the small things and pretty soon they can be led around by the nose on the big things (no blood, UN).

    I've established so much trust with my JW husband that he now comes to me for advice at navigating the byzantine politics of the Kingdom Hall. For personal reasons, he's going to miss a few mid-week meetings. He asked me for help coming up with a workable excuse. I told him to tell them that his "unbelieving" wife is demanding more time and attention. As he rolls his eyes at me, I tell him, "It's legitimate excuse, right there in the literature. They'll take it." He doesn't believe me now, but how much you gonna bet the elders will swallow it whole?

    On the other hand, how can your sister win this one? She won't convince the elders that trousers are fine, so she will have to choke down the "correction".

  • jgnat

    Oh, I came up with one! She has a horrible contagious skin disease on her legs, and she must stay covered up in public.

  • truthlover

    In one of the dramas I think it was this year -- my memory is not too good as I dont listen half time but during the Family study portion a sister was wearing slacks,pants, whatever which kind of took me back.. apparently its ok then, but not for the meetings where we are to show respect?? I dont really mind that as it is a time to dress up and use clothes I dont normally use - mostly I am in slacks, shorts, etc... so when I get a chance to doll up, thats what I do anyway and NO you cant win this one -- harken back to recent WT's where the mom is in an apron in the kitchen.... make me gag and then another pict where the father is studying with their two boys and she again is in the background, in the kitchen with an apron on-- I thought that was representing a Family study - yet the mother was not in the study???

    There is no bending on this as far as I can see... its a shame, she should just go as an interested person, yet down the road things will definitely change...

    Lonliness can cause a lot of heartache and as you get older, there is no one to turn too... even if she came back, she would still be alone, even if she wore a skirt... a single woman without a man on her arm is just not " worthy" unless she has pioneered all her life... Thats the facts. Just ask any single mother, widow, woman...

  • Sherilynn

    I remember when I was going to my first meeting after having studied with a pioneer sister (late 70's) I got all dressed in a very nice pantsuit and as I got in her car her 5 yr old son loudly said "why is she wearing pants to the Kingdom Hall", she told me dont worry about it and off we went. Of course then I saw I was the only woman in pants and never wore them again. I got the talk of appearing before a judge in court don't most people dress accordingly in their best clothes. I guess back then I wanted to belong and never wore pantsuit again. So glad to be out of their control.

    Peace & Love

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